How to Become an MRI Tech

Are you looking for a job that allows you to work alongside patients, utilizing advanced technology and assisting physicians in the diagnosis process? If so, a career as an MRI tech might be exactly what you’re looking for.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the role of an MRI tech, including the key responsibilities and the requirements to become one. Continue reading to discover if a career as an MRI tech is right for you.

What is an MRI Tech?

An MRI tech is a medical professional who is trained and certified to administer MRIs to patients. An MRI is an imaging technique that is an alternative to an X-ray. MRIs form pictures of the anatomy and physiological processes inside the body and thus enable physicians to effectively understand and diagnose issues within patients. MRI techs play a key role in this process, not only by performing the MRI but also by working with patients who need to undergo MRIs and helping physicians analyze the results.

What Does an MRI Tech Do?

MRI techs have several key responsibilities surrounding the administering of MRIs to patients. Some of their primary duties include:

  • Providing information and guidance to patients about the MRI procedure
  • Placing patients in the appropriate position as per the doctor’s instructions
  • Positioning the patient to capture clear and informative images for injury examination
  • Supporting the physician in analyzing the results to determine the most suitable treatment option

MRI Tech Requirements

To be considered for MRI tech jobs, candidates must first receive all of the appropriate degrees, licenses, and certifications. MRI techs are required to obtain, at least, an associate’s degree in a related medical field. Further education beyond an associate’s degree is not strictly required; however, it can help give candidates an edge in job searching or lead to an increased salary. Once a candidate has received their associate’s degree (or higher), they must also obtain a national certification and licensure from the state in which they wish to work.

How Long Does It Take to Become an MRI Tech?

For those looking for the fastest way to become an MRI tech, an associate’s degree is the way to go. It typically takes around two years to receive an associate’s degree. Once a candidate has received their degree, it can usually take upwards of another year to receive the proper licensing and certification. Therefore, it is possible to become an MRI tech within three years.

If an MRI tech role seems like something you wish to pursue, you can find a wide selection of openings on our MRI tech jobs page.

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