School Licensure & Associations

We have compiled a state-by-state list of licensure and association information for school-based specialties to help guide you as you explore the next steps in your career as an education professional.

School Licensure & Associations

School Licensure

Are you interested in learning the steps to get licensed as an education professional in a new state? Find information about departments of education and accrediting boards with these helpful links.

School Associations

Looking for information about education associations in each state? Here are some helpful links for finding out more about state associations.

  • Alabama
    Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama (SHAA)s

    Alabama Phone: 205-802-7551Fax: 205-802-7553Website:

    Alabama Physical Therapy Association

    P.O. Box 660551Birmingham, Alabama 35266-0551Phone: 205-978-3810Fax: 205-978-3193Website:

    Alabama Occupational Therapy Association (ALOTA)

    P.O. Box 530651Birmingham, Alabama 35253Website:

  • Alaska
    Alaska Speech-Language-Hearing Association

    1120 A Joyce DriveFairbanks, Alaska 99701Phone: 907-562-8262Fax: 907-562-8262

    Alaska Physical Therapy Association

    8970 Northwood Park CircleEagle River, Alaska 99577-8596Phone: 907-566-3749

    Alaska Occupational Therapy Association (AKOTA)

    PMB 1616
    3705 Arctic Blvd.
    Anchorage, Alaska 99503Website:

  • Arizona
    Arizona Speech Language Hearing Association (ArSHA)

    Arizona Phone: 602-354-8062Fax: 602-595-1988Website:

    Arizona Physical Therapy Association

    4035 East FanfolPhoenix, Arizona 85028-5103Phone: 602-569-9101Fax: 602-996-3966Website:

    Arizona Occupational Therapy Association

    P.O. Box 1531Glendale, Arizona 85311-1531Phone: 623-937-0920Fax: 623-937-0920Website:

  • Arkansas
    Arkansas Speech Language Hearing Association (ArkSHA)

    PO BOX 24103Little Rock, Arkansas 72221Phone: 877-427-5742Website:

    Arkansas Physical Therapy Association

    9 Shackleford Plaza, Suite 1Little Rock, Arkansas 72211-1855Phone: 501-227-5781Fax: 501-228- 5535Website:

    Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association (AROTA)

    P.O. Box 22082Little Rock, Arkansas 72221Phone: 501-328-9888Website:

  • California
    California Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA)

    2235 Park Towne Cir., Floor 2Sacramento, California 95825Phone: 916-921 1568Fax: 916-921 0127Website:

    California Physical Therapy Association

    2880 Gateway Oaks Drive Ste. 140Sacramento, California 95833-4333Phone: 916-929-278Fax: 916-646-5960Website:

    The Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC)

    1401 El Camino Ave., Suite 230Sacramento, California 95815Phone: 916-567-7000Website:

  • Colorado
    Colorado Physical Therapy Association

    7853 E Arapahoe Ct Suite 2100Englewood, Colorado 80112-1361Phone: 303-694-4728Fax: 303-694-4869Website:

    Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado (OTAC)

    P.O. Box 18387Boulder, Colorado 80308-1387Phone: 303-546-6822Website:

    Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA)

    Colorado Phone: 720-733-9097Fax: 720-733-9044Website:

  • Connecticut
    Connecticut Physical Therapy Association

    3rd Floor, 31 Pratt StHartford, Connecticut 06103Phone: 860-524-5603Fax: 860-547-0863Website:

    Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association (ConnOTA)

    370 Prospect St.Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109Phone: 860-257-1371Website:

    Connecticut Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Inc. (CSHA)

    45 Fieldstone WaySouthbury, Connecticut 06488Phone: 860-666-6900Fax: 860-667-0144Website:

  • Delaware
    Delaware Physical Therapy Association

    120 Churchill LaneWilmington, Delaware 19808-4319Phone: 302-831-8893Fax: 302-234-3499Website:

    Delaware Occupational Therapy Association (DOTA)

    P.O. Box 11726Wilmington, Delaware 19850-1726Website:

    Delaware Speech-Language-Hearing Association (DSHA)

    PO Box 9694Newark, Delaware 19714Website:

  • DC
    District of Columbia Occupational Therapy Association

    330 13th Street, SEWashington, District of Columbia 20003Phone: 202-806-5693

    District of Columbia Speech-Language-Hearing Association (DCSHA)

    District of Columbia Phone: 202-877-1083Fax: 202-291-2836Website:

  • Florida
    Florida Physical Therapy Association

    1705 South Gadsden StreetTallahassee, Florida 32301-5505Phone: 850-222-1243 ext. 23Fax: 850-224-5281Website:

    Florida Occupational Therapy Association (FLOTA)

    P.O. Box 5606Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33310Phone: 954-840-FOTAWebsite:

    Florida Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (FLASHA)

    924 N Magnolia Avenue Suite 202 #5302Orlando, Florida 32803Fax: 407-774-6440Website:

  • Georgia
    Georgia Physical Therapy Association

    1260 Winchester Parkway, Suite 205Smyrna, Georgia 30080-6546Phone: 770-433-2418Fax: 770-433-2907Website:

    Georgia Occupational Therapy Association (GOTA)

    1260 Winchester Parkway, Suite 205Smyrna, Georgia 30080-6546Phone: 770-433-4137Fax: 770-433-2907Website:

    Georgia Speech-Language-Hearing Association (GSHA)

    P.O. Box 1867Buford, Georgia 30515Fax: 410-363-9474Website:

  • Hawaii
    Hawaii Physical Therapy Association

    1360 S Beretania Street, Suite 301Honolulu, Hawaii 96814-1520Phone: 808-349-5408Fax: 808-559-8274Website:

    Occupational Therapy Association of Hawaii (OTAH)

    360 S. Beretania St., Suite 301Honolulu, Hawaii 96814Website:

    Hawaii Speech-Language-Hearing Association (HSHA)

    P.O. Box 235888Honolulu, Hawaii 96823Phone: 808-528-4742Website:

  • Idaho
    Idaho Physical Therapy Association

    4220 Bodenheimer St.Boise, Idaho 83703-4202Phone: 208-342-6647Fax: 208-342-6647Website:

    Idaho Occupational Therapy Association

    PO Box 7364Boise, Idaho 83707Phone: 208-388-4682Fax: 208-381-0294Website:

    Idaho Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISHA)

    Idaho Phone: 208-884-0220Fax: 208-884-1116Website:

  • Illinois
    Illinois Physical Therapy Association

    1010 Jorie Blvd Suite 134Oak Brook, Illinois 60523-4441Phone: 630-571-1400Fax: 630-571-1406Website:

    Illinois Occupational Therapy Association (IOTA)

    715 Lake Street, Suite 710Oak Park, Illinois 60301Phone: 708-386-9393Fax: 708-386-9820Website:

    Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISHA)

    35 E. Wacker Drive Suite 850Chicago, Illinois 60601Phone: 312-644-0828Fax: 312-644-8557Website:

  • Indiana
    Indiana Physical Therapy Association

    P.O. Box 26692Indianapolis, Indiana 46226-0692Phone: 317-823-3681Fax: 317-823-3681Website:

    Indiana Occupational Therapy Association (IOTA)

    1001 Eton St.West Lafayette, Indiana 47905Phone: 765-471-7604Website:

    Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISLHA)

    Indiana Phone: 317-955-1063Website:

  • Iowa
    Iowa Physical Therapy Association

    1228 8th Street Suite 106West Des Moines, Iowa 50265-2624Phone: 515-222-9838Fax: 515-222-9839Website:

    Iowa Occupational Therapy Association (IOTA)

    P.O. Box 57221Des Moines, Iowa 50317Phone: 515-266-4525Fax: 515-266-4525Website:

    Iowa Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISHA)

    37 Liberty Bell BlvdPleasant Hill, Iowa 50327Phone: 515-282-8192 ext. 417Fax: 515-282-9117Website:

  • Kansas
    Kansas Occupational Therapy Association (KOTA)

    720 Jackson Street, Suite #310Topeka, Kansas 66603Phone: 785-233-4111Fax: 785-233-5659Website:

    Kansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association (KSHA)

    148 S. Bay Country Ct.Wichita, Kansas 67235Fax: 620-793-6550Website:

    Kansas Physical Therapy Association

    214 Sw 6th Street, Suite 300Topeka, Kansas 66603Phone: 785-233-5400Fax: 785-290-0476Website:

  • Kentucky
    Kentucky Occupational Therapy Association (KOTA)

    P.O. Box 21502Louisville, Kentucky 40221-0502Website:

    Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association (KSHA)

    838 East High Street Suite 263Lexington, Kentucky 40502Website:

    Kentucky Physical Therapy Association

    6845 Green Meadow CircleLouisville, Kentucky 40207-2849Phone: 859-485-2812Fax: 859-485-2813Website:

  • Louisiana
    Louisiana Occupational Therapy Association (LOTA)

    P.O. Box 14806Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70898Phone: 225-291-4014Fax: 225-291-2811Website:

    Louisiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association (LSHA)

    P.O. Box 83132Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70884Phone: 337-837-3648Website:

    Louisiana Physical Therapy Association

    8550 United Plaza Blvd Suite 1001ABaton Rouge, Louisiana 70809-2256Phone: 225-922-4614Fax: 225-922-4611Website:

  • Maine
    Maine Occupational Therapy Association (MeOTA)

    Maine Website:

    Maine Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSLHA)

    Maine Phone: 207-368-5765Fax: 207-930-2537Website:

    Maine Physical Therapy Association

    P.O. Box 1783Portland, Maine 04104-1783Phone: 207-799-1584Fax: 207-799-1584Website:

  • Maryland
    Maryland Occupational Therapy Association (MOTA)

    P.O. Box 2742Columbia, Maryland 21045Website:

    Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA)

    Maryland Phone: 410-239-7770Fax: 410-239-7774Website:

    Maryland Physical Therapy Association

    P.O. Box 674Arlington, Maryland 22216Phone: 703-312-1128Fax: 800-675-9438Website:

  • Massachusetts
    Board of Allied Health Professionals

    1000 Washington St., Suite 710Boston, Massachusetts 02118Phone: 781-647-5556Fax: 781-642-9742Website:

    Massachusetts Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA)

    Massachusetts Phone: 781-647-7031Fax: 781-647-7222Website:

    Massachusetts Physical Therapy Association

    34 Atlantic StGloucester, Massachusetts 01930-1625Phone: 617-429-1325Fax: 978-282-4384Website:

  • Michigan
    Michigan Occupational Therapy Association (Mi-OTA)

    3300 Washtenaw Avenue, Suite 220Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104-4200Phone: 734-677-1417Website:

    Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA)

    Michigan Phone: 517-332-5691Fax: 517-332-5870Website:

    Michigan Physical Therapy Association

    P.O. Box 21236Lansing, Michigan 48909-1236Fax: 517-347-4720Website:

  • Minnesota
    Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA)

    Minnesota Phone: 952-920-0787Website:

    Minnesota Physical Therapy Association

    1711 West County Road B Suite 102SRoseville, Minnesota 55113-4036Phone: 651-635-0902Fax: 651-635-0903

    Minnesota Occupational Therapy Association

    26 East Exchange St., Fifth FloorSt. Paul, Minnesota 55101-2264Phone: 651-290-7498Fax: 651-290-2266Website:

  • Mississippi
    Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA)

    Mississippi Website:


    921 North Congress StreetJackson, Mississippi 39202-2554Fax: 800-767-0480

    Mississippi Occupational Therapy Association (MSOTA)

    921 North Congress StreetJackson, Mississippi 39202-2554Phone: 601-355-1679Fax: 601-355-1506Website:

  • Missouri
    Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA)

    2000 East Broadway, PMB 296Columbia, Missouri 65201Website:

    Missouri Physical Therapy Association

    205 East Capitol Suite 100Jefferson City, Missouri 65101Phone: 888-222-6782Fax: 573-556-6731Website:

    Missouri Occupational Therapy Association (MOTA)

    2000 E. Broadway
    P.O. Box 169
    Columbia, Missouri 65201Website:

  • Montana
    Montana Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA)

    Montana Phone: 406-234-8727Website:

    Montana Physical Therapy Association

    P.O. Box 217Helena, Montana 59624-0217Phone: 406-442-4141Fax: 406-443-0563Website:

    Montana Occupational Therapy Association (MOTA)

    2590 Holman Ave. Ste. ABillings, Montana 59102Website:

  • Nebraska
    Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association

    455 South 11th Street, Suite ALincoln, Nebraska 68508-2105Phone: 402-476-9573Fax: 402-476-7740Website:

    Nebraska Physical Therapy Association (NPTA)

    P.O. Box 540427Omaha, Nebraska 68154-0427Phone: 402-491-3660Website:

    Nebraska Occupational Therapy Association (NOTA)

    P.O. Box 31594Omaha, Nebraska 68131-0594Website:

  • Nevada
    Nevada Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NVSHA)

    PO BOX 40126Reno, Nevada 89504Phone: 775-828-0843Website:

    Nevada Physical Therapy Association

    8665 West Flamingo Road, Suite 131Las Vegas, Nevada 89147-8663Phone: 702-571-1535Fax: 702-889-1674Website:

  • New Hampshire
    New Hampshire Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Inc. (NHSLHA)

    P.O. Box 832Concord, New Hampshire 03302Phone: 603-228-5949Website:

    New Hampshire Physical Therapy Association

    P.O. Box 978Manchester, New Hampshire 03105-0978Phone: 603-627-7970Fax: 603-627-3970Website:

    New Hampshire Occupational Therapy Association (NHOTA)

    P.O. Box 4232Concord, New Hampshire 03303-4232Website:

  • New Jersey
    New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NJSHA)

    174 Nassau Street Suite 337Princeton, New Jersey 08542Phone: 908-359-5308Fax: 908-359-7619Website:

    American Physical Therapy Association of New Jersey

    1100 US Highway 130 Suite 3Robbinsville, New Jersey 08691-1108Phone: 609-208-0200Fax: 609-208-1000Website:

    New Jersey Occupational Therapy Association (NJOTA)

    P.O. Box 401Summit, New Jersey 07902Website:

  • New Mexico
    New Mexico Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NMSHA)

    New Mexico Phone: 505-899-NMSHA (6674)Fax: 505-792-3837Website:

    New Mexico Physical Therapy Association

    7112 Royal Glen TrailMc Kinney, New Mexico 75070-8700Phone: 214-544-1331Fax: 972-984-1895Website:

    New Mexico Occupational Therapy Association (NMOTA)

    P.O. Box 3036Albuquerque, New Mexico 87190-3036Website:

  • New York
    New York State Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Inc. (NYSSLHA)

    1971 Western Avenue #1167Albany, New York 12203Phone: 518-786-0947Fax: 518-786-9126Website:

    New York Physical Therapy Association

    5 Palisades Drive Suite 330Albany, New York 12205-6433Phone: 518-459-4499Fax: 518-459-8953Website:

    New York State Occupational Therapy Association (NYSOTA)

    90 South Swan StreetAlbany, New York 12210Phone: 518-462-3717Fax: 518-432-5902Website:

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NCSLHA)

    P.O. Box 38803Greensboro, North Carolina 27438Phone: 919-833-3984Website:

    North Carolina Physical Therapy Association

    316 West Millbrook Road, #105Raleigh, North Carolina 27609-4482Phone: 919-841-0268Fax: 919-841-0269Website:

    North Carolina Occupational Therapy Association (NCOTA)

    P.O. Box 20432Raleigh, North Carolina 27619-0432Phone: 919-785-9700Fax: 919-771-0115Website:

  • North Dakota
    North Dakota Speech-Language-Hearing Association

    North Dakota Phone: 701-780-2439Fax: 701-780-2389Website:

    North Dakota Physical Therapy Association

    Univ. of North Dakota
    Dept. of Physical Therapy
    Grand Forks, North Dakota 58202Phone: 701-777-3873Fax: 701-777-4199Website:

    North Dakota Occupational Therapy Association (NDOTA)

    P.O. Box 14118Grand Forks, North Dakota 58208-4118Website:

  • Ohio
    Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association (OSLHA)

    P.O. Box 309Germantown, Ohio 45327Phone: 937-855-4337Website:

    Ohio Physical Therapy Association

    2066 West Henderson Road, Suite 202Columbus, Ohio 43220-2452Phone: 614-538-9612Fax: 614-538-9614Website:

    Ohio Occupational Therapy Association (OOTA)

    P.O. Box 32252Columbus, Ohio 43232Fax: 614-231-0830Website:

  • Oklahoma
    Oklahoma Speech-Language-Hearing Association (OSHA)

    3126 S. Boulevard St. #180Edmond, Oklahoma 73013Phone: 405-271-4214Website:

    Oklahoma Physical Therapy Association

    223 W RidgewoodShawnee, Oklahoma 74801-6749Phone: 405-275-7588Fax: 405-275-7588Website:

    Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association (OOTA)

    P.O. Box 443Norman, Oklahoma 73070Website:

  • Oregon
    Oregon Speech-Language-Hearing Association (OSHA)

    PO Box 8040Salem, Oregon 97303Phone: 503-370-7019Fax: 503-587-8063Website:

    Oregon Physical Therapy Association

    147 SE 102ndPortland, Oregon 97216-2703Phone: 503-262-9247Fax: 503-253-9172Website:

    Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon (OTAO)

    P.O. Box 7133Aloha, Oregon 97007-7133Phone: 503-658-6384Website:

  • Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association (PSHA)

    700 McKnight Park Drive Suite 708Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237Phone: 412-366-9858Fax: 412-366-8804Website:

    Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association

    4701 Devonshire Road Suite 106Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109-1746Phone: 717-541-9169Fax: 717-541-9182Website:

    Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association (POTA)

    P.O. Box 55403Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19127Website:

  • Rhode Island
    Rhode Island Speech-Language-Hearing Association (RISHA)

    Rhode Island Phone: 401-455-7472Website:

    Rhode Island Physical Therapy Association

    3rd Floor, 31 Pratt StHartford, Rhode Island 6103Phone: 860-524-5603Fax: 860-547-0863Website:

    Rhode Island Occupational Therapy Asssociation

    Rhode Island Website:

  • South Carolina
    South Carolina Speech-Language-Hearing Association (SCSHA)

    South Carolina Fax: 888-729-3489Website:

    South Carolina

    3650-A Centre CircleFort Mill, South Carolina 29715-8735Phone: 803-802-5450Fax: 815-371-1499Website:

    South Carolina Occupational Therapy Association (SCOTA)

    South Carolina Phone: 864-987-0434Fax: 864-987-0434Website:

  • South Dakota
    South Dakota Physical Therapy Association

    P.O. Box 91146Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57109-1146Phone: 605- 339-4839Fax: 605-339-4839Website:

    South Dakota Occupational Therapy Association (SDOTA)

    P.O. Box 88732Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57109-8732Phone: 605-332-4524Website:

    South Dakota Speech-Language-Hearing Association (SDSLHA)

    South Dakota Website:

  • Tennessee
    Tennessee Physical Therapy Association

    4544 Harding Road Suite 208Nashville, Tennessee 37205-2121Phone: 615-269-5312Fax: 615-297-5852Website:

    Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association (TOTA)

    P.O. Box 70Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174Phone: 931-487-9871Fax: 931-487-9870Website:

    Tennessee Association of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists (TAASLP)

    Tennessee Phone: 931-487-9871Fax: 931-487-9870Website:

  • Texas
    Texas Physical Therapy Association

    800 Brazos Street, Suite 430Austin, Texas 78701-2347Phone: 512-477-1818Fax: 512-477-1434Website:

    Texas Occupational Therapy Association (TOTA)

    P.O. Box 15576Austin, Texas 78761-5576Phone: 512-454-8682Fax: 512-450-1777Website:

    Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association (TSHA)

    Texas Fax: 512-454-3036Website:

  • Utah
    Utah Physical Therapy Association

    2102 East 3780 SouthSalt Lake City, Utah 84109-3346Phone: 801-278-4016Fax: 801-278-2752Website:

    Utah Occupational Therapy Association (UOTA)

    P.O. Box 58412Salt Lake City, Utah 84108-9998Website:

    Utah Speech-Language-Hearing Association (USHA)

    Utah Phone: 801-712-9123Fax: 435-797-0221Website:

  • Vermont
    Vermont Physical Therapy Association

    14 Prospect AveRandolph, Vermont 05060-1359Phone: 603-650-5978Fax: 603-650-8908

    Vermont Occupational Therapy Association (VOTA)

    Vermont Website:

    Vermont Speech-Language-Hearing Association (VSHA)

    Vermont Phone: 802-496-4668Website:

  • Virginia
    Virginia Physical Therapy Association

    111 North Fairfax StreetAlexandria, Virginia 22314-1484Phone: 703-706-3235Fax: 703-706-8575Website:

    Virginia Occupational Therapy Association (VOTA)

    4001 Springfield RoadGlen Allen, Virginia 23060Phone: 804-346-4840Fax: 804-270-2160Website:

    Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV)

    Virginia Phone: 804-288-3065Fax: 540-856-2441Website:

  • Washington
    Washington Physical Therapy Association

    208 Rogers Street, NWOlympia, Washington 98502-4952Phone: 360-352-7290 ext. 10Fax: 360-352-7298Website:

    Washington Occupational Therapy Association (WOTA)

    P.O. Box 4499, Midway StationKent, Washington 98032Phone: 206-242-9862Fax: 253-864-7992Website:

    Washington Speech and Hearing Association (WSHA)

    5727 Baker Way NW Suite 200Gig Harbor, Washington 98332Phone: 509-522-5821Fax: 509-522-5752Website:

  • West Virginia
    West Virginia Occupational Therapy Association (WVOTA)

    West Virginia Website:

    West Virginia Speech-Language-Hearing Association (WVSHA)

    West Virginia Phone: 304-822-4334Website:

    West Virginia Physical Therapy Association

    2110 Kanawha Blvd E Suite 220Charleston, West Virginia 25311-2217Phone: 304-345-6808Fax: 304-344-4139Website:

  • Wisconsin
    Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association (WOTA)

    600 Williamson Street, Suite NMadison, Wisconsin 53703Phone: 608-287-1606Fax: 608-287-1608Website:

    Wisconsin Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Association (WSHA)

    563 Carter Court, Suite BKimberly, Wisconsin 54316Phone: 608-283-5489Fax: 608-283-5424Website:

    Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association

    802 West Broadway, Suite 208Madison, Wisconsin 53713-1894Phone: 608-221-9191Fax: 608-221-9697Website:

  • Wyoming
    Wyoming Occupational Therapy Association (WyOTA)

    Wyoming Website:

    Wyoming Speech-Language-Hearing Association (WSHA)

    Wyoming Phone: 307-473-8587Website:

    Wyoming Physical Therapy Association

    1536 E 4th StreetCasper, Wyoming 82601-304Phone: 307-235-3910Fax: 307-266-2891Website:

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