Registered Nursing (RN) Jobs

As a registered nurse (RN), you understand that helping a patient means carrying out an individualized plan of care. We take the same approach with your career at Sunbelt. By offering hundreds of nursing jobs, we can help find an RN job tailored to your unique wants and needs, whether it’s per diem, permanent or travel nursing.

Sunbelt can provide you with a multitude of RN jobs in every region of the country in both large and small hospitals and major healthcare systems.

If you are looking to broaden your horizons and become a travel RN, we will provide you with fully furnished private housing, healthcare benefits, an excellent 401(k) and generous loyalty programs, plus, a competitive salary!
We want you to see your career in a new light, which is why our hiring managers are always available and looking out for you and your career.

What Is A Registered Nurse?

While a registered nurse is defined as someone who has earned a license to practice nursing, there is so much more excitement and fulfillment in this incredible career path. This hands-on role serves patients in a uniquely caring manner and can be found in various settings including hospitals and medical offices. Working alongside physicians, or other healthcare members, an RN seeks to provide the best treatment options to patients.

Registered Nurse Job Duties 

Some of the responsibilities of a registered nurse include: 

  • Ordering, interpreting, and evaluating diagnostic test
  • Administering medication and treatment as ordered
  • Identifying the needs of patients
  • Operating and monitoring medical equipment
  • Updating patient's medical history and current health

In order to be able to perform these duties and become a registered nurse, you must first complete a nursing program with an associate or a bachelor's degree in nursing. Most nurses chose to pursue a bachelor's degree as this can benefit their job placements and salary. Additionally, you must obtain a state license and pass the NCLEX-RN certification exam. 

Registered Nurse Salary & Job Outlook

RN employment is anticipated to increase at a higher rate than that of most professions. Due to the various types of facilities that RNs are qualified to work in, and the essential nature of an RN, there are several opportunities for settings in this role like long-term care facilities and hospitals. The salary for an RN is also very promising but it can vary based on your education, experience, skills/specialty, and the location of the facility. If you would like to increase your salary, pursuing additional education like a master's degree can be very beneficial.  

As a registered nurse, you spend your life acting as an advocate for others; let us do the same for you. Check out our most current short and long-term RN job openings or fill out an application online.

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