LPN and LVN Jobs

At Sunbelt, we understand that your life as a licensed practical nurse is more than just a job. That’s why we prioritize your wants and needs throughout every phase of the job process.

Whether you are looking for a permanent, per diem or travel LPN or LVN job, we have the opportunity for you. From relocation and housing assistance to finding your next placement, we are here to support you. Let’s help you see your career in a whole new light.

What Is An LPN/LVN?

Licensed practical nurses (LPN) and licensed vocational nurses (LVN) work under the direction of either an RN and/or a doctor. Travel LPNs and LVNs accomplish various tasks for patient care and comfort. From administering medications to measuring vital signs, the role of an LPN and LVN is to provide patients with medical care and a sense of comfort and calm.

Travel LPN/LVN Job Duties

Some of the responsibilities of LPN/LVNs include:

  • Recording accurate health history notes
  • Verifying patient health records and searching for patient records
  • Monitoring patient temperature and overall health
  • Assisting patients with needs, such as dressing or bathing
  • Getting patients ready for medical procedures

Professionals in this role have obtained their diploma, certification, or associate degree from an accredited nursing program. In order to be an LPN or an LPV, you must complete at least one year of nursing education and have hands-on experience at hospitals or other healthcare facilities like nursing homes.

After gaining the knowledge necessary, you must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nursing, the state exam and the NCLEX-PN exam.

LPN/LVN Salary & Job Outlook

The overall need for healthcare professionals continues to increase across the country. LPNs and LVNs can anticipate an increased need in residential care facilities and hospitals to focus on patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

With the ability to perform specific types of surgeries outside of a hospital setting, travel LPNs and LVNs often find job opportunities in outpatient care centers. Salary ranges for LPNs and LVNs are based on experience, education, skills, certifications and location of the hiring facility.

With that in mind, the job outlook for LPN/LVNs is promising. Let us help you find a job where you can see your work in a new light.

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