Dosimetrist Jobs

Dosimetrist play an instrumental role in helping manage radiation therapy for patients. With the responsibility of determining the proper dosage of radiation that a patient should receive at the correct part of the body, becoming a dosimetrist requires a lot of knowledge.

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What Is A Dosimetrist?

A dosimetrist is a medical professional and a member of the radiation oncology team. As a medical dosimetrist, your job is to ensure patients receive the proper radiation treatment they need. A dosimetrist uses their knowledge and high-tech medical equipment made for administering radiation therapy.

Dosimetrist Duties

Some of the responsibilities of a medical dosimetrist include:

  • Calculating and prescribing radiation doses
  • Administering and mixing radioactive materials to create medications and treatments
  • Performing imaging if needed
  • Explaining the treatment plan to members of the radiation oncology team

To perform these duties and receive a dosimetrist certification, you must obtain a graduate degree in medical dosimetry and pass the certification exam. Once you become certified and complete all the dosimetrist requirements, you can begin your journey and help change lives for the better.

Dosimetrist Salary & Job Outlook

As a newer position in the field of oncology, a dosimetrist job outlook has the potential for a lot of growth. With the need for dosimetrists increasing, hospitals and healthcare facilities have a huge demand for this role. Additionally, there is an expected 14% job growth over the next 10 years.

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