EP Tech Jobs

It takes a thorough understanding of the heart and its functions to become an electrophysiology technician. As an EP tech, you must exhibit expert knowledge of cardiac monitoring systems and techniques for pediatric, adolescent and adult procedures. 

With a career that involves such a high quantity of expertise, you have a lot to focus on. Let us focus on finding you the perfect travel job. Count on your Sunbelt hiring manager to listen to your needs, wants and special requests as you gear up for the next phase of your EP tech career.

What Is An EP Tech?

Electrophysiology techs specialize in specific cardiac procedures in order to perform tests of the heart’s electrical activity to identify where the arrhythmia is coming from. The main objective of this role is to help doctors to understand the nature of abnormal heart rhythms. Ultimately this role plays a crucial responsibility in providing essential information that will lead to the correct form of treatment for patients.

EP Tech Job Duties

Some of the responsibilities of an electrophysiology tech include: 

  • Placing a cardiac EP catheter in a patient 
  • Reading electrocardiograms 
  • Interpreting recordings to help diagnose patients 
  • Maintaining the equipment in the cath lab 
  • Explaining the procedure to patients and answering any questions they have 

In order to be able to perform these responsibilities as an EP tech, the first step is earning an associate's or bachelor's degree in a relevant field. After gaining a degree, you want to get hands-on experience. Although not all healthcare organizations require specific training, certification or licensing, additional skills can help you qualify for more roles and earn an advanced salary. 

EP Tech Salary & Job Outlook

There is a widespread demand for electrophysiology (EP) technicians in hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide and for years to come. Specialized tech positions, such as EP Techs, have crucial roles that are unique and require someone who has been devoted to this field of study in order to conduct their responsibilities properly. Due to this job position’s specific qualifications, it certainly creates a high demand for this specialty. 

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