What is a CT Technologist?

If you’re looking for a job in the medical field that allows you to operate specialized
equipment and assist in the diagnosis process, a role as a CT technologist could be
the career path for you.
CT technologists conduct CT scans of patients, recording images of patients’ bodies
that display internal injuries and assist in disease diagnosis. CT technologists also
communicate with patients prior to imaging, to answer questions and provide
comfort regarding the examination.

What Does a CT Technologist Do?

CT technologists perform a range of duties in addition to performing CT scans of
patients. Some of their primary responsibilities include:

  • Performing X-ray imaging for precise diagnoses
  • Analyzing and clarifying CT scan results
  • Ensuring optimal image quality by positioning patients correctly
  • Discussing the imaging process with the patient before the examination
  • Updating patient’s medical records

How to Become a CT Technologist

In order to work as a CT technologist, you must first obtain the appropriate degrees
and other certifications. These include:

CT Technologist Education Requirements

All CT technologists must have a high school diploma. They must also obtain an
associate degree in radiography, diagnostic medical sonography, or nuclear
medicine technology.
While not strictly required, many CT technologists obtain a bachelor’s degree in
radiology or radiologic technology, which can help when searching for CT tech jobs.

Additional CT Technologist Requirements

In addition to obtaining one of the aforementioned degrees, CT technologists are
also required to obtain the proper certifications. CT technologists must obtain a
certification through the ARRT in radiography.
ARRT offers credentials in a variety of disciplines, the requirements varying depending
on what you choose to obtain. Requirements can vary from additional schooling to
performing CT scans under the supervision of a licensed technician.
Some states also require special licensure to work as a CT technologist. As these
requirements vary by state, we recommend looking up the requirements in your

How Long Does it Take to Become a CT Technologist?

The timeline for becoming a CT technologist varies depending on the degree you
choose to pursue. While associate degrees can be obtained in two years,
bachelor’s degrees typically take four years to complete.
Additionally, obtaining the correct ARRT certifications and the proper credentials
that come with it can take upwards of another year. As such, it can take several
years to obtain the proper credentials to become a CT technologist.
If a role as a CT technologist sounds like something you could be interested in, check
out our CT technologist jobs page to explore open positions in your area.

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