Interventional Radiology (IR) Nurse Jobs

As an interventional radiologist nurse, less is more. So spend less time worrying about your next opportunity and more time changing lives for the better. When you partner with Sunbelt for your next position, our goal is to help you achieve your personal and professional ambitions.

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What is Interventional Radiology Nursing?

IR nursing is a subspecialty of radiology that focuses on diagnosing and treating patients using minimally invasive techniques. The goal of an interventional radiology nurse is to reduce risk to patients while improving their health through less invasive procedures for reduced pain and recovery time.

Interventional Radiology Nursing Duties

Some of the IR nurse's responsibilities include:

  • Preparing patients for procedures
  • Inserting and removing intravenous lines
  • Administering medications
  • Monitoring patients patterns
  • Overseeing the safety and comfort of patients
  • Providing post-procedure monitoring

Being an IR nurse requires a high level of knowledge, experience, skills and advanced education. Similar to other nursing roles, you will need your BSN from an accredited institution. After completing your BSN, you must pass the NCLEX-RN examination and gain hands-on experience as an RN and radiology nurse. As this is a nursing specialty, you can expect to spend at least five years gaining experience in a residency program before becoming board certified.

IR Nurse Salary & Job Outlook

While the steps to becoming an IR nurse can feel like a long road ahead, the job outlook makes it worth the hard work and dedication. When you specialize in interventional radiology, on average, you can expect your salary to be 40% more than what a typical RN makes. Additionally, depending on your work experience, education, skills, certifications and the hiring facility location, you can make even more than the average salary.

Let us use our unmatched knowledge, unwavering commitment and unrivaled grit to advocate for you and empower you to find a job that fits your needs.

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