Long Term Care Nurse Jobs

As a long-term care nurse, you spread kindness and care to make a difference in your corner of the world.

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What Is A Long-Term Care Nurse?

Long-term care nurses work in various environments, providing care to those who need nursing support over a long period. These nurses provide supervision in long-term care nursing homes, hospitals, home care and other facilities that provide long-term care.

Long-term care travel nurse jobs can include any of these environments and provide nurses with the opportunity to help those who need nursing care in their daily lives.

Long-Term Care Nurse Duties

Some of the responsibilities of a long-term care nurse include:

  • Performing routine assessments of patients and monitoring their condition
  • Recognizing the importance of subtle trends in patients’ conditions, as changes in long-term care patients tend to occur more gradually
  • Administering daily medications and treatments including caring for tracheostomies, changing dressings on complex wounds or burns, caring for central lines and dialysis catheters, and administering enteral feedings

To perform these duties as a long-term care nurse, you must either be an LPN/LVN or an RN. These different levels of long-term care nursing education will enable the nurses to perform different roles in the field.

Beyond having a nursing license, there are no additional requirements to be a long-term care nurse. However, nurses may be required to have experience in this area if they are taking long-term care travel nurse positions.

Certification is not required to work in long-term care nursing, but can help to improve career opportunities in this field. There are long-term care certifications for both LPN/LVNs and RNs, but they are separate certifications depending on the type of license the nurse has.

Long-Term Care Nurse Salary & Job Outlook

The average long-term care nurse's salary ranges based on if you are an LPN/LVN or an RN. The pay will also vary significantly based on the location area of the position, the nurse's experience, and if the job is a staff or a travel nursing position.

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