Music Therapist Jobs

As a music therapist, you impact the lives of so many people through your passion for music. You empower and strengthen individuals’ emotional, social and physical health while bettering their overall communication.

At Sunbelt, we understand the importance of providing assistance through all avenues of therapy. That’s why we offer our unwavering commitment and a fully invested team to help you see your career in a new light.

Music therapy is achieving individualized goals through the practice of music interventions. This approach is a clinical and evidence-based method performed by a credentialed professional.

What is Music therapy?

Music therapy helps individuals achieve their goals in every aspect of life including physical, emotional, social and cognitive. There are several ways that patients can benefit from music therapy including enhanced memory, physical rehabilitation and the ability to emotionally express themselves when other avenues of communication may be limited.

Some of the responsibilities of a music therapist include:

Music Therapist Duties

  • Assessing the emotional, social, physical and cognitive well-being of students
  • Creating individualized musical sessions for a student’s therapeutic plan
  • Actively participating in music sessions
  • Providing support to students
  • Communicating regularly with parents
  • Exploring a variety of different musical sounds and instruments
  • Maintaining records of music sessions and case notes

Becoming a music therapist requires a bachelor's degree in music therapy. This academic track requires courses in both music and therapy and includes 1,200 hours of practicing in a clinical setting.

Once you have successfully completed your degree program, you are eligible to take the certification exam and obtain the title of Music Therapist-Board Certified.

Music Therapy Job Outlook & Salary

Because of the significant benefits of music therapy, this area of practice continues to thrive. As more people accept artistic-based therapies as proven methods, schools and hospitals alike are including music therapy in their standard programs.

Due to the rapid growth of this field, there is significant opportunity for advancement for those who have chosen a career in music therapy. A music therapist's salary varies by education and experience.

Music Therapy Jobs Available Now

Sunbelt wants to show you how we can help make your career in music therapy a rewarding experience. Each job opportunity with Sunbelt is tailored to fit your individual needs. In addition to beautiful locations and outstanding pay, we offer unbeatable benefits and other extras, such as vacation bonuses and licensure reimbursement!

Thanks to a philosophy of hard work and determination, Sunbelt continues to set itself apart from the competition and has built strong industry connections with schools across the country. Because of those connections, we’re able to offer school music therapy jobs that may not be available anywhere else. Search our extensive music therapist jobs now or fill out an online application.

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