Echo Tech Jobs

Echo technicians prepare patients and diagnostic equipment for different imaging procedures which involve the direct patient and physician interaction. Echo technicians not only capture images of the patient’s heart but also help interpret cardiac data and determine the viability of these images. It takes a keen eye and an expert understanding of medical sonography to succeed as an echo tech.

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What Are Echo Techs?

Echo techs specialize in non-invasive technology in order to produce images of a patient’s heart. These images are used to diagnose diseases, illnesses, or disorders. It’s crucial that these professionals understand the operations of the heart in order to successfully identify abnormalities so that an accurate diagnosis can be made, ultimately leading to the correct course of action. With constant developments in technology, adaptability is an essential part of this role in order to thrive within this profession.

Echo Tech Job Duties

Some of the responsibilities of an echo tech include:

  • Preparing patients and diagnostic equipment for imaging 
  • Explaining imaging procedures to patients 
  • Positioning patients in the proper positions for imaging 
  • Interpreting the images
  • Updating records 

In order to be able to perform these duties, there is no specific education requirement. However, employers prefer to hire those who have completed a 2-year degree in diagnostic medical sonography from an accredited program or certificate program specific to echocardiography. 

Echo Tech Salary & Job Outlook

As a specialized route for ultrasound technicians, the echo tech field is one that projects a higher than average job growth into the year 2024. Professionals within this industry hold irreplaceable value to their workplace. With an aging population, echo techs serve as a crucial position in order to assist with diagnosing patients with heart diseases, illnesses, and disorders. With advanced education and certifications, you can expect to make an above-average salary and improve your chances of being hired. 

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