Medical Physicist Jobs

At Sunbelt, we understand the dedication it takes to be a medical physicist. We also know having a career path that allows you to change lives for the better is an essential part of why you do what you do. So, when you’re ready to take the next step in your career journey, partner with someone who understands what you do and will advocate for you to get the medical physicist job you deserve.

What Is A Medical Physicist?

Medical physicists play a vital role in the development and use of medical radiation treatments, devices and technologies through their knowledge of physics. The main roles of a medical physicist are to ensure that medical equipment is working properly, plan treatments for patients, and develop and research ways to help patients.

Medical Physicist Duties

Some of the responsibilities of a medical physicist include:

  • Plan radiation treatments for patients
  • Study how radiation affects the body
  • Ensure equipment is safe and working properly
  • Research new treatment options for cancer, heart disease or mental illness
  • Teach and train future medical physicists, residents and medical students

To perform these duties, you must receive a master's degree in physics, medical physics or a related field, and become board certified by the American Board of Radiology. Once the requirements are complete for medical physicist education, you can begin your journey as a medical physicist and help change lives for the better.

Medical Physicist Salary & Job Outlook

With medical physicist salaries being higher than a typical physicist's, the outlook for medical physicist jobs is promising, and job openings are expected to grow. Additionally, depending on your work experience, education, skills, certifications and facility location, you can make even more than the average salary.

Let us use our insight and knowledge to help you discover a job that fits your needs. Browse our open medical physicist jobs and apply to get connected with a member of our team!

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