Vascular Tech Jobs

Vascular technologists use ultrasound equipment and technologies to measure blood flow, veins, oxygen flow and heart rates to help physicians diagnose disorders.

Vascular techs are increasingly in demand. At Sunbelt, we can help you take advantage of the current job market and help find your ideal employment situation – whether in your hometown or another destination across the country.

What Are Vascular Technologists?

Vascular ultrasound technologists are medical professionals who practice non-invasive examinations through the use of ultrasound machines to determine whether or not a patient has a vascular disorder.

Vascular ultrasound technologists are vital members of the vascular team, including radiologists, cardiologists and surgeons. In addition to ensuring patient safety and care during the examination, vascular ultrasound technologists are responsible for sharing and assessing results with applicable physicians.

Vascular Technologist Duties

Some of the responsibilities of a vascular technologist include: 

  • Using ultrasound technology to measure blood flow, veins, oxygen flow and heart rates 
  • Testing and diagnosing heart disease and conditions using echo technology 
  • Determining the best course of treatment for patients 

To be a vascular ultrasound technologist, you must have an associate degree. Aside from a degree, you must also obtain a certification from the Registered Vascular Technologist credential exam and receive training. 

Vascular Technologist Salary & Job Outlook

With an aging baby-boomer population, professionals in vascular ultrasound fields can anticipate an increase in demand. These professionals are essential to identifying vascular disorders that ultimately lead to the correct treatment option. Your salary will vary depending on your skills/certifications, experience and facility location.

Sunbelt wants to play a vital role in your career satisfaction and growth. Browse our vascular tech jobs below and contact us today!

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