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Would you like to know more about how our school therapy assignments work? Check out the following list of FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions.

What travel therapist specialties does Sunbelt staff?

We have a wide range of opportunities for travel therapists in schools across the country. Whether you are an occupational therapist (OT), a speech language pathologist (SLP), a physical therapist (PT), or a therapy assistant, we can help you find the right opportunity to change lives for the better. When you’re ready to explore the next step in your career as a school therapist, a Sunbelt hiring manager is here to help you find a job that’s best for you and helps you see work in a whole new light.

Our Sunbelt therapy jobs include:

Looking to learn more about our school-based therapy jobs? Reach out to a Sunbelt team member to get the most up-to-date information about all of our open opportunities.

What are Sunbelt’s experience requirements for travel therapists?

The experience required for travel therapy assignments can vary based on the needs of the school district. At Sunbelt, we will work with you to ensure that your experience level and skill set are properly matched with the best school and assignment for you.

What if I need help? Will a Sunbelt associate be available?

Yes! We are here to help. You can always reach out to your dedicated hiring manager via phone or text. In addition to providing you support throughout your assignment, we also offer ongoing guidance throughout your career as a therapy professional. In case of problems or questions, your hiring manager is available to assist you.

Does the submission of my application place me under any obligations?

No, your therapy application is just the first step in connecting with a hiring manager at Sunbelt. Once we've received your application, a hiring manager will reach out to you to chat! You can use this time to talk about your experience as a therapy professional, go over what you’re looking for in a job, and see if we’re a good fit for you! Our Sunbelt hiring manager will also use this time to tell you about jobs that may fit your needs – all without any obligations. You don’t make any commitments until you officially accept a job offer with us.

Do I have to pay fees once I accept a travel therapy assignment?

No, we don’t charge you any fees! The career and therapy job search support we provide to school professionals is always free of charge.

General Travel Therapy Questions

How long are Sunbelt’s travel therapy assignment?

Travel therapy assignments in school districts can be as long as a full school year or as short as a few months. This makes it easy for you to find a position that fits your lifestyle. Plus, we often have options for extending or returning to the school you are at once your current assignment ends. Whatever you are looking for, your hiring manager will work with you to find the best fit.

I’m interested in a therapy job in a particular location, but what if I don’t have a license in that state?

If you want to work as a school-based therapist, you will need a license from your state and usually a certification from the state board of education. It is important to know what the requirements are in the state where you would like to work so you can prepare ahead of time. But don’t let these requirements stop you from pursuing a travel assignment! We're here to talk about open roles in locations you want to work in so you know your options. Our team can also help guide you toward the next steps in securing the requirements for the role. Often, this includes directing you to the appropriate state licensing boards to help you know when you’ll be ready to explore your next destination.

How do I select a travel assignment?

When you apply for a job on our website, we'll reach out to chat with you to assess your skills and job preferences to make sure you are a good fit for the job that interests you. We also do this to help you find any other placements we have available that may be a good match for you. Upon finding a position that matches your needs, we can submit you to the hiring coordinator at the district as a candidate for the therapy job opening. After reviewing your information and conducting a phone or video call interview, the school will let us know if they'd like to extend you an offer. After the interview, we'll let you know if there's an offer, and you can accept or decline it.

I have selected a travel therapy assignment. What happens now?

After you accept the therapy position, the onboarding process will begin! A member of our credentialing team will send you all the paperwork to complete and guide you in the next steps for onboarding. They will also review your submitted documentation to verify that you meet all the requirements for licensure and certification. We have compliance standards to ensure that every student receives the best care, so you will not be able to begin work until all your documentation is complete. If you have questions about onboarding and how it works, contact your hiring manager.

If I like my assignment, is it possible for me to stay on as a travel therapist?

Yes, that may be an option for you depending on your assignment. As your partner, we are your advocate and will communicate your needs with the district on your behalf to see what options you have for returning. Ultimately, the opportunity for extending your assignment or returning to the same district for another school year is up to the district based on their needs. Plus, if you are unable to extend or renew your assignment at your current district, we will work with you to find a new assignment that allows you to grow in your career.

In my staff position, there are many benefits such as retirement, continuing education, etc. What does Sunbelt offer if I were to accept a travel therapy assignment?

As a Sunbelt therapist, we offer comprehensive benefits to you on your assignment. Check out our benefits page to learn more or speak with a hiring manager today to see what benefits you are eligible for on your therapy assignment.

I’ll be living temporarily in a strange new city. How will I find housing for the right amount of time?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to navigate that process on your own! Your hiring manager at Sunbelt will go through your needs and wants and will support you through the housing and relocation process for your travel therapy assignment.

What if I want to find my own housing? Is there a housing allowance for travel therapists?

You may be eligible for a tax-free housing subsidy if you don’t need housing for a travel assignment or if you prefer to find your own and you work more than 50 miles from your permanent residence following federal tax regulations. The amount of the subsidy will vary based on the location of the assignment and other federal tax policies. We encourage you to talk with your Sunbelt hiring manager about your needs for housing to create a plan that works best for you.

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