Cath Lab Tech Jobs

As a cath lab technologist, you spend most of your time in the operating room. Patients and fellow healthcare professionals rely on your agility and expertise, all the way from pre-op to when complications arise during cardiovascular procedures and surgeries.

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What Is A Cath Lab Nurse?

Cath lab techs are professionals who work in the cardiovascular technology field. This vital role is crucial, especially during invasive cardiovascular procedures. A cath lab is able to assist in heart procedures, such as cardiac catheterizations. It’s crucial that professionals in this field are able to remain focused, especially during high-stress situations. The essential role of a cath lab tech goes beyond the operating room as well. They also hold the responsibility of educating and prepping patients for their procedure, monitoring and interpreting test results. This role holds a variety of responsibilities but also has the ability to create a lasting impact in the lives of so many.

Cath Lab Nurse Job Duties 

Some of the responsibilities of a cath lab nurse include: 

  • Performing initial assessments of patients 
  • Preparing patients for procedures 
  • Monitoring patient's vitals and sedation during and after operations 
  • Updating patients records 
  • Coordinating discharge plans and referrals for patients 

In order to be able to perform these duties as a cath lab nurse, first, you must graduate from an accredited nursing school with an associate or bachelor's degree and pass the NCLEX-RN. Then, it is important to gain experience in critical care and cardiology. 

Cath Lab Tech Salary & Job Outlook

Considering the fact that cath lab techs play an essential role in the healthcare field, it’s of no surprise that this job position continues to grow in demand. Especially when considering the aging population, professions such as cath lab techs continue to be essential assets in their field in order to provide necessary care for patients. With projected job growth of 22% over the next five years, it’s clear why so many choose the cath lab route.

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