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Here at Sunbelt, we recognize how hard you work as an ICU or Critical Care Nurse and will work just as hard for you. Once a member of our family, you’ll have access to an extensive network of hospitals, surgical centers and other medical facilities to maximize the opportunities in your career. Because of our relationships with these facilities, we’re the first call they make when they have a need. This allows us to offer you the best ICU nursing jobs available.

Our National Hiring Managers will work with you directly to place you with the facility where your set of skills is most needed. We offer highly competitive compensation packages, housing and benefits because when we take care of you, it’s easier for you to take care of them.

What is an ICU Nurse?

ICU Nurses treat patients who require the utmost care due to a critical condition. Unlike an ER RN, this role will typically only see a few patients per day so that they can provide their full attention to the details of each patient. Due to the extensive documentation per patient, typically an ICU RN sees 1-3 patients per shift in order to provide thorough and detailed care. The responsibilities of this position can include monitoring patients, administering medication and assist patients with their basic needs. ICU Nurses are certainly known to go above and beyond in their roles and we at Sunbelt deeply value that quality. If you thrive in a structured and detailed-oriented environment, ICU Nursing may be the perfect fit! 

ICU Nurse Jobs Outlook

With ICU Nursing being included in the BLS data for the nursing industry, the outlook for this job continues to increase. The role of an ICU Nurse remains crucial and essential, making them a critical asset for hospitals and various health facilities.  

Find your ICU nursing job by searching our listings below. Complete an application and meet your National Hiring Manager today!

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