School Occupational Therapy (OT) & COTA Jobs

As a school occupational therapist (OT) or certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA), you are the support system for students with mental, developmental and emotional impairments and you empower their participation in daily school activities. At Sunbelt, we recognize an occupational therapist's dedication to elevating the students they work with. Are you thinking about the next step in your career as a school occupational therapist? Sunbelt is here for you with unwavering commitment and a fully invested team as you begin or continue on your journey in this noble field.

What is Occupational Therapy

School occupational therapists are tasked with evaluating student function levels to ensure they are developing at a pace that is relative to other children their age and grade level. Additionally, school-based OTs or COTAs provide therapy to students based on each student's IEP, which was created based on any limitations observed. The therapy provided by an OT is directed toward elevating a child’s sensory, motor and physical development through their treatment. This allows students the chance to reach their full potential and be engaged in education and social activities.

Occupational Therapy Duties

Some responsibilities of a school-based occupational therapist include:

  • Helping students with fine motor skills
  • Working on classroom modifications
  • Evaluating students’ functions and limitations
  • Implementing individual therapy based on IEPs
  • Communicating with other school professionals, parents, or guardians on therapy plans and progress
  • Maintaining accurate records of therapy sessions with students
  • Reassessing therapy plans often, implement new plans, discontinue treatment, or continue with current treatment

To become an occupational therapist, a bachelor’s and master’s degree are required. In addition, you must be licensed in the state in which you plan to work by the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists (NBCOT). To work as a COTA, you must obtain an associate’s degree followed by passing the NBCOT. You can then utilize your skills in a school setting as long as an occupational therapist is present.

Occupational Therapy Job Outlook & Salary

Occupational therapy continues to be an essential treatment for people and as such opportunities will continue to increase. There is a projected growth of 17% in this profession through the year 2030, which is higher than most other occupations. This is also true for schools specifically, as students will continue to need assistance within their learning environments. There are approximately 10,000+ new jobs each year for OTs and COTAs. Though the salary of an occupational therapist can vary by location and setting, it is considered a promising career with a bright future.

School Occupational Therapy Jobs Available Now

If traveling appeals to you, we have a multitude of school contract jobs that offer fully furnished private housing, great pay and benefits. If you’d prefer to stay where you are and earn a little extra money, we have substitute assignments that allow you the flexibility to work in your area and on your schedule. If you’re looking for a new permanent position we can find the school that is best suited for you. As a school-based occupational therapist, you have a multi-functional role to ensure each student's success in an educational and social setting. Here at Sunbelt, we strive to help you reach success in your career!

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