Nursing Licensure & Associations

We have compiled a state-by-state list of licensure and association information for nurses to help guide you as you explore the next steps in your career as a nursing professional.

Nursing Licensure & Associations

Nursing Licensure

Are you interested in learning the steps to get licensed as a nurse in a new state? Find information about state associations and accrediting boards with these helpful links.

  • Alabama
    Alabama Board of Nursing

    RSA Plaza, Suite 250
    770 Washington Avenue
    Montgomery, Alabama 36130Phone: 334-242-4060Fax: 334-242-4360Website:

    Medical Licensure Commission of Alabama

    848 Washington StreetMontgomery, Alabama 36104Phone: 334-242-4116Fax: 334-242-4155Website:

  • Alaska
    Alaska Board of Nursing

    3601 C Street, Suite 722Anchorage, Alaska 99503Phone: 907-269-8161Fax: 907-269-8156Website:

    Alaska State Medical Board

    550 West Seventh Ave., Suite 1500Anchorage, Alaska 99501Phone: 907-269-8163Fax: 907-269-8196Website:

  • Arizona
    Arizona State Board of Nursing

    1651 E Morten Avenue, Suite 150Phoenix, Arizona 85020Phone: 602-331-8111Fax: 602-906-9365Website:

    Arizona Board of Medical Examiners

    9545 East Doubletree Ranch RoadScottsdale, Arizona 85258-5514Phone: 480-551-2700Fax: 480-551-2704Website:

  • Arkansas
    Arkansas State Board of Nursing

    University Tower Building
    1123 S. University, Suite 800
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72204Phone: 501-686-2700Fax: 501-686-2714Website:

    Arkansas State Medical Board

    2100 Riverfront Drive, Suite 200Little Rock, Arkansas 72202Phone: 501-296-1802Fax: 501-296-1805Website:

  • California
    California Board of Registered Nursing

    400 R Street, Suite 4030Sacramento, California 95814Phone: 916-322-3350Fax: 916-327-4402Website:

    Medical Board of California

    1426 Howe Avenue, Suite 54Sacramento, California 95825Phone: 916-263-2382Fax: 916-263-2487Website:

  • Colorado
    Colorado Board of Nursing

    1560 Broadway, Suite 670Denver, Colorado 80202Phone: 303-894-2430Fax: 303-894-2821Website:

    Colorado Board of Medical Examiners

    1560 Broadway, Suite 1300Denver, Colorado 80202-5140Phone: 303-894-7690Fax: 303-894-7692Website:

  • Connecticut
    Connecticut Board of Examiners for Nursing

    410 Capitol AvenueHartford, Connecticut 06134Phone: 860-509-7624Fax: 860-509-7286Website:

    Connecticut Department of Public Health
    Physician Licensure

    410 Capitol Avenue
    Initial MS#12APP
    Hartford, Connecticut 06134-0308Phone: 860-509-7563Fax: 860-509-8457Website:

  • Delaware
    Delaware Board of Nursing

    861 Silver Lake Blvd.
    Cannon Building, Suite 203
    Dover, Delaware 19904Phone: 302-739-4522Fax: 302-739-2711

    Delaware Board of Medical Practice

    Cannon Building, Suite 203
    P.O. Box 1401
    Dover, Delaware 19903Phone: 302-739-4522Fax: 302-739-2711Website:

  • DC
    District of Columbia Board of Nursing

    825 North Capitol Street, N.E., 2nd FloorWashington, District of Columbia 20002Phone: 202-727-7468Fax: 202-727-7662

    District of Columbia Board of Medicine

    825 North Capital Street, NE, 2nd FloorWashington, District of Columbia 20002Phone: 202-442-9200Fax: 202-442-9431Website:

  • Florida
    Florida Board of Medicine

    4052 Bald Cypress Way, BIN #C03Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3253Phone: 850-488-0595Fax: 850-922-3040Website:

    Florida Board of Nursing

    4080 Woodcock Drive, Suite 202Jacksonville, Florida 32207Phone: 850-245-4125Website:

  • Georgia
    Composite State Board of Medical Examiners of Georgia

    2 Peachtree Street, NW, 36th FloorAtlanta, Georgia 30303Phone: 404-656-3913Fax: 404-656-9723Website:

    Georgia Board of Nursing

    237 Coliseum DriveMacon, Georgia 31217-1640Phone: 912-207-1640Fax: 912-207-1660Website:

  • Hawaii
    Hawaii Board of Medical Examiners

    P.O. Box 3469Honolulu, Hawaii 96813Phone: 808-586-2708Website:

    Hawaii Board of Nursing

    P.O. Box 3469Honolulu, Hawaii 96801Phone: 808-586-2695Fax: 808-586-2689

  • Idaho
    Idaho State Board of Medicine

    1755 Westgate Drive, Suite 140Boise, Idaho 83704Phone: 208-334-2822Fax: 208-334-2801Website:

    Idaho Board of Nursing

    P.O. Box 83720Boise, Idaho 83720Phone: 208-334-3110Fax: 208-334-3262Website:

  • Illinois
    Illinois Department of Professional Regulation

    320 W. Washington Street, 3rd FloorSpringfield, Illinois 62786Phone: 217-782-8556Fax: 217-782-7645Website:

    Illinois Department of Professional Regulation

    James R. Thompson Center
    100 W Randolph, Suite 9-300
    Chicago, Illinois 60601Phone: 312-814-2715Fax: 312-814-3145Website:

  • Indiana
    Indiana Health Professions Board

    402 W. Washington Street, Room 041Indianapolis, Indiana 46204Phone: 317-232-2960Fax: 317-233-4236Website:

    Indiana State Board of Nursing
    Health Professions Bureau

    402 W. Washington Street, Suite 41Indianapolis, Indiana 46204Phone: 317-232-2960Fax: 317-233-4236Website:

  • Iowa
    Iowa State Board of Medical Examiners

    1209 E. Court Avenue
    Executive Hills West
    Des Moines, Iowa 50319Phone: 515-281-5171Fax: 515-242-5908

    Iowa Board of Nursing

    Riverpoint Business Park
    400 SW 8th Street, Suite B
    Des Moines, Iowa 50309-4685Phone: 515-281-3255Fax: 515-281-4825Website:

  • Kansas
    Kansas State Board of Healing Arts

    235 South Topeka BoulevardTopeka, Kansas 66603-3449Phone: 785-296-7413Fax: 785-296-0852Website:

    Kansas State Board of Nursing

    Landon State Office Building
    900 SW Jackson, Suite 551-S
    Topeka, Kansas 66612Phone: 913-296-4929Fax: 913-296-3929Website:

  • Kentucky
    Kentucky State Board of Medical Licensure

    Hurstbourne Office Park
    310 Whittington Parkway, Suite 1-B
    Louisville, Kentucky 40222Phone: 502-429-8046Fax: 502-429-9923Website:

    Kentucky Board of Nursing

    312 Whittington Parkway, Suite 300Louisville, Kentucky 40222Phone: 502-329-7000Fax: 502-329-7011Website:

  • Louisiana
    Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners

    P.O. Box 30250New Orleans, Louisiana 70190-0250Phone: 504-524-6763Fax: 504-568-8893Website:

    Louisiana State Board of Nursing

    3510 N Causeway Blvd, Suite 501Metairie, Louisiana 70002Phone: 504-838-5332Fax: 504-838-5349Website:

  • Maine
    Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine

    137 State House StationAugusta, Maine 04333Phone: 207-287-3601Fax: 207-287-6590

    Maine State Board of Nursing

    158 State House StationAugusta, Maine 04333Phone: 207-287-1133Fax: 207-287-1149Website:

  • Maryland
    Maryland Board of Quality Assurance

    4201 Patterson Avenue
    P.O. Box 2571
    Baltimore, Maryland 21215-0002Phone: 410-764-4777Fax: 410-352-2252Website:

    Maryland Board of Nursing

    4140 Patterson AveBaltimore, Maryland 21215Phone: 410-764-5124Fax: 410-358-3530Website:

  • Massachusetts
    Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine

    560 Harrison Ave. Suite G-4Boston, Massachusetts 02118Phone: 617-654-9800Fax: 617-451-9568Website:

    Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing

    239 Causeway StreetBoston, Massachusetts 02114Phone: 617-727-9961Fax: 617-727-1630Website:

  • Michigan
    Michigan CIS/Office of Health Services

    Ottawa Towers North
    611 W Ottawa 4th Floor
    Lansing, Michigan 48933Phone: 517-373-9102Fax: 517-373-2179Website:

    Michigan Dept. of Consumer & Industry Services

    611 West Ottawa, First FloorLansing, Michigan 48933Phone: 517-335-0918Fax: 517-373-2179Website:

  • Minnesota
    Minnesota Board of Nursing

    2829 University Ave SE, Suite 500Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414Phone: 612-617-2270Fax: 612-617-2190Website:

    Minnesota Board of Medical Practice

    2829 University Avenue, S.E., Suite 400Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414-3246Phone: 612-617-2130Fax: 612-617-2166Website:

  • Mississippi
    Mississippi Board of Nursing

    1935 Lakeland Dr, Suite BJackson, Mississippi 39216Phone: 601-987-4188Fax: 601-364-2352

    Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure

    2600 Insurance Center Drive, Suite 200-BJackson, Mississippi 39216Phone: 601-354-6645Fax: 601-987-4159Website:

  • Missouri
    Missouri State Board of Nursing

    3605 Missouri Blvd.
    P.O. Box 656
    Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-0656Phone: 573-751-0681Fax: 573-751-0075Website:

    Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts

    3605 Missouri BoulevardJefferson City, Missouri 65109Phone: 573-751-0098Fax: 573-571-3166Website:

  • Montana
    Montana State Board of Nursing

    111 N JacksonHelena, Montana 59620Phone: 406-444-2071Fax: 406-444-7759Website:

    Montana Board of Medical Examiners

    P.O. Box 200513Helena, Montana 59620Phone: 406-444-4284Fax: 406-444-1667

  • Nebraska
    Nebraska State Board of Nursing

    301 Centennial Mall South
    P.O. Box 94986
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4986Phone: 402-471-4376Fax: 402-471-3577Website:

    State of Nebraska Health and Human Services
    Registration and Licensure/Credentialing Division

    301 Centennial Mall South
    P.O. Box 94986
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4986Phone: 402-471-2118Fax: 401-471-3577Website:

  • Nevada
    Nevada State Board of Nursing

    1755 E Plumb Lane, Suite 260Reno, Nevada 89502Phone: 775-688-2620Fax: 775-688-2628Website:

    Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners

    1105 Terminal way, Suite 301Reno, Nevada 89502Phone: 775-688-2559Fax: 702-876-2097Website:

  • New Hampshire
    New Hampshire Board of Nursing

    78 Regional Drive, Building B
    P.O. Box 3898
    Concord, New Hampshire 03302Phone: 603-271-2323Fax: 603-271-6605Website:

    New Hampshire Board of Medicine

    2 Industrial Park Drive, Suite 8Concord, New Hampshire 03301-8520Phone: 603-271-1203Fax: 603-271-6702Website:

  • New Jersey
    New Jersey Board of Nursing

    124 Halsey Street, 6th Floor
    P.O. Box 45010
    Newark, New Jersey 07101Phone: 973-504-6586Fax: 973-648-3481Website:

    New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners

    140 E. Front Street, 2nd FloorTrenton, New Jersey 08608Phone: 609-826-7100Fax: 609-984-3930Website:

  • New Mexico
    New Mexico Board of Nursing

    4206 Louisiana Blvd NE, Suite AAlbuquerque, New Mexico 87109Phone: 505-841-8340Fax: 505-841-8347Website:

    New Mexico Board of Medical Examiners

    2nd Floor, Lamy Building
    491 Old Santa Fe Trail
    Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501Phone: 505-827-6784Fax: 505-827-7377Website:

  • New York
    New York State Board of Nursing
    State Education Department

    Cultural Education Center, Room 3023Albany, New York 12230Phone: 518-474-3845Fax: 518-473-0578Website:

    New York State Board for Medicine

    Cultural Education Center, #3023Albany, New York 12230Phone: 518-474-3841Fax: 518-486-4846Website:

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina Board of Nursing

    3724 National DriveRaleigh, North Carolina 27602Phone: 919-782-3211Fax: 919-781-9461Website:

    North Carolina Medical Board

    1201 Front Street, Suite 100Raleigh, North Carolina 27609Phone: 919-828-1212Fax: 919-326-1131Website:

  • North Dakota
    North Dakota Board of Nursing

    919 S 7th Street, Suite 504Bismarck, North Dakota 58504Phone: 701-328-9777Fax: 701-328-9785Website:

    North Dakota State Board of Medical Examiners

    City Center Plaza
    418 E. Broadway Avenue, Suite 12
    Bismarck, North Dakota 58501Phone: 701-328-6500Fax: 701-328-6505Website:

  • Ohio
    Ohio Board of Nursing

    17 S. High Street, Suite 524Columbus, Ohio 43215-3413Phone: 614-466-3947Fax: 614-466-0388Website:

    Ohio State Medical Board

    77 S. High Street, 17th FloorColumbus, Ohio 43215-6108Phone: 614-466-3934Fax: 614-466-4670Website:

  • Oklahoma
    Oklahoma Board of Nursing

    2915 N Classen Blvd., Suite 524Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106Phone: 405-525-2076Fax: 405-521-6089

    Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision

    5104 N. Francis, Suite COklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118Phone: 405-848-2189Fax: 405-848-8240Website:

  • Oregon
    Oregon State Board of Nursing

    800 NE Oregon Street, Box 25 Ste 465Portland, Oregon 97232Phone: 503-731-4745Fax: 503-731-4755Website:

    Oregon Board of Medical Examiners

    1500 S.W. First Avenue, Suite 620Portland, Oregon 97201Phone: 503-229-5770Fax: 503-229-6543Website:

  • Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing

    124 Pine Street
    P.O. Box 2649
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101Phone: 717-783-7142Fax: 717-783-0822Website:

    Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine

    124 Pine StreetHarrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101Phone: 717-787-2381Fax: 717-787-7769Website:

  • Rhode Island
    Rhode Island Board of Nursing

    Cannon Health Building
    Three Capitol Hill, Room 104
    Providence, Rhode Island 02908Phone: 401-222-2827Fax: 401-222-2158

    Rhode Island Department of Health
    Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline

    Cannon Building, Room 205
    3 Capitol Hill
    Providence, Rhode Island 02908-5097Phone: 401-222-3855Fax: 401-222-2158

  • South Carolina
    South Carolina State Board of Nursing

    110 Centerview Drive, Suite 202Columbia, South Carolina 29210Phone: 803-896-4550Fax: 803-896-4525Website:

    South Carolina State Board of Medical Examiners

    110 Centerview Drive, Suite 202
    P.O. Box 11289
    Columbia, South Carolina 29211-1289Phone: 803-896-4500Fax: 803-896-4515Website:

  • South Dakota
    South Dakota State Board of Medicine and Osteopathic Examiners

    1323 S. Minnesota AvenueSioux Falls, South Dakota 57105Phone: 605-336-1965Fax: 605-336-0270Website:

    South Dakota Board of Nursing

    4300 S Louise Avenue, Suite C-1Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57106-3124Phone: 605-362-2760Fax: 605-362-2768Website:

  • Tennessee
    State of Tennessee Department of Health
    Medical Board

    1st Floor Cordell Hull Building
    425 5th Avenue North
    Nashville, Tennessee 37247-1010Phone: 615-532-4384Fax: 615-532-5369Website:

    Tennessee State Board of Nursing

    425 5th Avenue N.
    1st Floor Cordell Hull Building
    Nashville, Tennessee 37247Phone: 615-532-5166Fax: 615-741-7899Website:

  • Texas
    Texas State Board of Medical Examiners

    333 Guadeloupe, Tower 3, Suite 610Austin, Texas 78701Phone: 512-305-7010Fax: 512-305-7006Website:

    Texas Board of Nurse Examiners

    333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460Austin, Texas 78701Phone: 512-305-7400Fax: 512-305-7401Website:

  • Utah
    Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing

    Heber Wells Building, Fourth Floor
    160 E. 300 South
    South Salt Lake City, Utah 84145-0805Phone: 801-530-6628Fax: 801-530-6511Website:

    Utah State Board of Nursing

    Herber M. Wells Building
    160 E 300, 4th Floor
    South Salt Lake City, Utah 84111Phone: 801-530-6628Fax: 801-530-6511Website:

  • Vermont
    Vermont Board of Medical Practice

    109 State StreetMontpelier, Vermont 05609-1106Phone: 802-828-2673Fax: 802-828-5450Website:

    Vermont State Board of Nursing

    109 State StreetMontpelier, Vermont 05609Phone: 802-828-2396Fax: 802-828-2484Website:

  • Virginia
    Virginia Board of Medicine

    6606 W. Broad Street, 4th FloorRichmond, Virginia 23230-1717Phone: 804-662-9908Fax: 804-662-9517Website:

    Virginia Board of Nursing

    6606 W Broad Street, 4th FloorRichmond, Virginia 23230-1717Phone: 804-662-9909Fax: 804-662-9512Website:

  • Washington
    State of Washington Department of Health
    Medical Quality Assurance Commission

    P.O. Box 47866
    1300 S.E. Quince Street
    Olympia, Washington 98504-7866Phone: 360-236-4785Fax: 360-586-4573Website:

    Washington State Board of Nursing

    P.O. Box 47864Olympia, Washington 98504-7864Phone: 360-236-4700Fax: 360-236-4738Website:

  • West Virginia
    West Virginia Board of Medicine

    101 Dee DriveCharleston, West Virginia 25311Phone: 304-558-2921Fax: 304-558-2084Website:

    West Virginia Board of Nursing

    101 Dee DriveCharleston, West Virginia 25311Phone: 304-558-3596Fax: 304-558-3666Website:

  • Wisconsin
    State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing

    1400 E. Washington Avenue, Room 178Madison, Wisconsin 53703Phone: 608-266-2811Fax: 608-261-7083Website:

    Wisconsin Board of Nursing

    1400 E Washington Avenue
    P.O. Box 8935
    Madison, Wisconsin 53708Phone: 608-266-2112Fax: 608-267-0644Website:

  • Wyoming
    Wyoming Board of Medicine

    211 West 19th StreetCheyenne, Wyoming 82002Phone: 307-778-7053Fax: 307-778-2069

    Wyoming State Board of Nursing

    2020 Carey Avenue, Suite 110Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002Phone: 307-777-7601Fax: 307-777-3519Website:

Nursing Associations

Looking for information about nursing associations in each state? Here are some helpful links for finding out more about state associations.

  • Alabama
    Alabama State Nurses Association

    360 Hull StreetMontgomery, Alabama 36104Phone: 334-262-8321Fax: 334-262-8578Website:


    P.O. Box 1900Montgomery, Alabama 36102-1900Phone: 334-954-2500Fax: 334-269-5200Website:

  • Alaska
    Alaska Nurses Association

    2207 E. Tudor Road, Suite 34Anchorage, Alaska 99507-1096Phone: 907-274-0827Fax: 907-272-0292Website:

  • Arizona
    Arizona Nurses Association

    1850 East Southern Avenue, Suite 1Tempe, Arizona 85282-5832Phone: 480-831-0404Fax: 480-839-4780Website:

    Arizona Medical Association

    810 W. Bethany Home RoadPhoenix, Arizona 85013Phone: 602-246-8901Fax: 602-242-6283Website:

  • Arkansas
    Arkansas Nurses Association

    1401 West Capital Ave. Suite 155Little Rock, Arkansas 72201Phone: 501-244-2363Fax: 501-224-9903Website:

    Arkansas Medical Society

    P.O. Box 55088Little Rock, Arkansas 72215Phone: 501-224-8967Fax: 501-224-6489Website:

  • California
    California Nurses Association

    California Website:

    California Medical Association

    P.O. Box 7690San Francisco, California 94120-7690Phone: 916-444-5532Website:

  • Colorado
    Colorado Nurses Association

    5453 East Evans PlaceDenver, Colorado 80222Phone: 303-757-7483Fax: 303-757-8833Website:

    Colorado Medical Society

    7351 Lowry BoulevardDenver, Colorado 80230Phone: 720-859-1001Website:

  • Connecticut
    Connecticut Nurses Association

    377 Research Parkway, Suite 2DMeriden, Connecticut 06450-7160Phone: 203-238-1207Fax: 203-238-3437Website:

    Connecticut State Medical Society

    160 St. Ronan StreetNew Haven, Connecticut 06511-2390Phone: 203-865-0587Fax: 203-865-4997Website:

  • Delaware
    Delaware Nurses Association

    2644 Capitol Trail, Suite 330Newark, Delaware 19711Phone: 302-368-2333Fax: 302-366-1775Website:

    Medical Society of Delaware

    131 Continental Drive, Suite 405Newark, Delaware 19713Phone: 302-658-7596Fax: 302-658-9669Website:

  • DC
    District of Columbia Nurses Association

    5100 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Suite 306Washington, District of Columbia 20016Phone: 202-244-2705Fax: 202-362-8285Website:

  • Florida
    Florida Medical Association

    113 East College AvenueTallahassee, Florida 32301Website:

    Florida Nurses Association

    P.O. Box 536985Orlando, Florida 32853-6985Phone: 407-896-3261Fax: 407-896-9042Website:

  • Georgia
    Medical Association of Georgia

    1330 West Peachtree Street NW, Suite 500Atlanta, Georgia 30309Phone: 404-876-7535Fax: 404-881-5021Website:

    Georgia Nurses Association

    3032 Briarcliff RoadAtlanta, Georgia 30329-2655Phone: 404-325-5536Fax: 404-325-0407Website:

  • Hawaii
    Hawaii Medical Association

    1360 South Beretania, 2nd FloorHonolulu, Hawaii 96814Phone: 808-536-7702Fax: 808-528-2376Website:

    Hawaii Nurses Association

    677 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite 301Honolulu, Hawaii 96813Phone: 808-531-1628Fax: 808-524-2760Website:

  • Idaho
    Idaho Medical Association

    P.O. Box 2668
    305 West Jefferson
    Boise, Idaho 83701Phone: 208-344-7888Fax: 208-344-7903Website:

    Idaho Nurses Association

    200 N. 4th Street, Suite 20Boise, Idaho 83702-6001Phone: 208-345-0500Fax: 208-385-0166Website:

  • Illinois
    Illinois State Medical Society

    20 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 700Chicago, Illinois 60602Phone: 312-782-1654Fax: 312-782-2023Website:

    Illinois Nurses Association

    105 W. Adams St., Suite 2101Chicago, Illinois 60603Phone: 312-419-2900Fax: 312-419-29210Website:

  • Indiana
    The Indiana State Medical Association

    322 Canal WalkIndianapolis, Indiana 46202-3268Phone: 317-261-2060Fax: 317-261-2076Website:

    Indiana State Nurses Association

    2915 North High School RoadIndianapolis, Indiana 46224Phone: 317-299-4575Fax: 317-297-3525Website:

  • Iowa
    Iowa Medical Society

    1001 Grand Avenue WestDes Moines, Iowa 50265Website:

    Iowa Nurses Association

    1501 42nd Street, Ste. 471West Des Moines, Iowa 50266Phone: 515-225-0495Fax: 515-225-2201Website:

  • Kansas
    Kansas Medical Society

    623 SW 10th AveTopeka, Kansas 66612Phone: 785-235-2383Fax: 785-235-5114Website:

    Kansas State Nurses Association

    1208 S.W. TylerTopeka, Kansas 66612-1735Phone: 785-233-8638Fax: 785-233-5222Website:

  • Kentucky
    Kentucky Medical Association

    4965 US Highway 42, Suite 2000Louisville, Kentucky 40222-6301Phone: 502-426-6200Fax: 502-426-6877Website:

    Kentucky Nurses Association

    1400 South First Street
    P.O. Box 2616
    Louisville, Kentucky 40201Phone: 502-637-2546Fax: 502-637-8236Website:

  • Louisiana
    Louisiana State Medical Society

    6767 Perkins Road, Suite 100Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808Phone: 225-763.8500Fax: 225-763-6122Website:

    Louisiana State Nurses Association

    5800 One Perkins Place, Suite 2BBaton Rouge, Louisiana 70808Phone: 225-201-0993Website:

  • Maine
    Maine Medical Association

    Frank O. Stred Building
    P.O. Box 190
    Manchester, Maine 04351Phone: 207-622-3374Fax: 207-622-3332Website:

    Maine ANA

    P.O. Box 3000, PMB #280York, Maine 03909Phone: 207-667-0260Website:

  • Maryland
    Maryland State Medical Society

    1211 Cathedral StreetBaltimore, Maryland 21201Website:

    Maryland Nurses Association

    21 Governor's Court, Suite 195Baltimore, Maryland 21244Phone: 410-944-5800Fax: 410-944-5802Website:

  • Massachusetts
    Massachusetts Medical Society

    860 Winter Street
    Waltham Woods Corporate Center
    Waltham, Massachusetts 02451-1411Phone: 781-893-4610Website:

    Massachusetts Association of RNs

    P.O. Box 70668Worcester, Massachusetts 1607Phone: 866-MARN-ANAWebsite:

  • Michigan
    Michigan State Medical Society

    120 West Saginaw StreetEast Lansing, Michigan 48823Phone: 517-337-1351Fax: 517-337-2490Website:

    Michigan Nurses Association

    2310 Jolly Oak RoadOkemos, Michigan 48864Phone: 517-349-5640Fax: 517-349-5818Website:

  • Minnesota
    Minnesota Medical Association

    1300 Godward St. NE, Suite 2500 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413Phone: 612-378-1875Fax: 612-378-3875Website:

    Minnesota Nurses Association

    1625 Energy Park DriveSt. Paul, Minnesota 55108Phone: 651-646-4807Fax: 651-647-5301Website:

  • Mississippi
    Mississippi Nurses Association

    31 Woodgreen PlaceMadison, Mississippi 39110Phone: 601-898-0670Fax: 601-898-0190Website:

    Mississippi State Medical Association

    P.O. Box 2548Ridgeland, Mississippi 39158-2548Phone: 800-898-0251Website:

  • Missouri
    Missouri Nurses Association

    P.O. Box 105228
    1904 Bubba Lane
    Jefferson City, Missouri 65110Phone: 573-636-4623Fax: 573-636-9576Website:

    Missouri State Medical Association

    113 Madison Street
    P.O. Box 1028
    Jefferson City, Missouri 65102Phone: 573-636-5151Fax: 573-636-8552Website:

  • Montana
    Montana Nurses Association

    104 Broadway, Suite G2Helena, Montana 59601Phone: 406-442-6710Fax: 406-442-1841Website:

    Montana Medical Association

    2021 Eleventh Avenue, Suite 1Helena, Montana 59601Phone: 406-443-4000Fax: 406-443-4042Website:

  • Nebraska
    Nebraska Nurses Association

    715 South 14th StLincoln, Nebraska 68508Phone: 402-475-3859Fax: 402-475-3961Website:

    Nebraska Medical Association

    233 South 13th Street, Suite 1512Lincoln, Nebraska 68508-2091Phone: 402-474-4472Website:

  • Nevada
    Nevada Nurses Association

    P.O. Box 34660Reno, Nevada 89533Phone: 775-747-2333Fax: 775-329-3334Website:

    Nevada State Medical Association

    3660 Baker Lane #101Reno, Nevada 89509Phone: 775-825-6788Fax: 702-798-6711Website:

  • New Hampshire
    New Hampshire Nurses Association

    48 West StreetConcord, New Hampshire 03301Phone: 603-225-3783Fax: 603-228-6672Website:

    New Hampshire Medical Society

    7 North State StreetConcord, New Hampshire 3301Website:

  • New Jersey
    New Jersey State Nurses Association

    1479 Pennington RoadTrenton, New Jersey 08618Phone: 609-883-5335Website:

    Medical Society of New Jersey

    2 Princess RoadLawrenceville, New Jersey 8648Phone: 609-896-1766Fax: 609-896-1368Website:

  • New Mexico
    New Mexico Nurses Association

    3018 Cielo Court, Suite BSanta Fe, New Mexico 87507Phone: 505-471-3324Fax: 505-471-3314Website:

    New Mexico Medical Society

    7770 Jefferson NE, Suite 400Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109Phone: 505-828-0237Fax: 505-828-0336Website:

  • New York
    New York State Nurses Association

    11 Cornell RoadLatham, New York 12110Phone: 518-782-9400Website:

    Medical Society of New York

    420 Lakeville Road, PO Box 5404Lake Success, New York 11042-5404Phone: 516-488-6100Fax: 516-488-1267Website:

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina Nurses Association

    103 Enterprise Street (27607)
    P.O. Box 12025
    Raleigh, North Carolina 27605-2025Website:

    North Carolina Medical Society

    P.O. Box 27167Raleigh, North Carolina 27611Phone: 919-833-3836Fax: 919-833-2023Website:

  • North Dakota
    North Dakota Nurses Association

    531 Airport Road, Suite DBismarck, North Dakota 58504-6107Phone: 701-223-1385Website:

    North Dakota Medical Association

    P.O. Box 1198Bismarck, North Dakota 58502-1198Phone: 701-223-9475Fax: 701-223-9476Website:

  • Ohio
    Ohio Nurses Association

    4000 East Main StreetColumbus, Ohio 43213Phone: 614-237-5414Fax: 614-237-6074Website:

    Ohio State Medical Association

    3401 Mill Run DriveHilliard, Ohio 43026Phone: 614-527-6762Fax: 614-527-6763Website:

  • Oklahoma
    Oklahoma Nurses Association

    6414 North Santa Fe, Suite AOklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116Phone: 405-840-3476Fax: 405-840-3013Website:

    Oklahoma State Medical Association

    601 NW Grand BoulevardOklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118Phone: 405-843-9571Fax: 405-842-1834Website:

  • Oregon
    Oregon Nurses Association

    18765 SW Boones Ferry Road, Suite 200Tualatin, Oregon 97062Phone: 503-293-0011Website:

    Oregon Medical Association

    5210 SW Corbett AvenuePortland, Oregon 97239Phone: 503-226-1555Fax: 503-241-7148Website:

  • Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania State Nurses Association

    2578 Interstate Drive, Suite 101Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110Fax: 717-657-3796Website:

    Pennsylvania Medical Society

    777 East Park Drive
    PO Box 8820
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105Phone: 717-558-7750Fax: 717-558-7840Website:

  • Rhode Island
    Rhode Island State Nurses Association

    1800 Mineral Spring Ave, #299North Providence, Rhode Island 2904Phone: 401-421-9703Fax: 401-421-6793Website:

    Rhode Island Medical Society

    235 Promenade Street, Ste. 500Providence, Rhode Island 02908Phone: 401-331-3207Fax: 401-751-8050Website:

  • South Carolina
    South Carolina Nurses Association

    1821 Gadsden StreetColumbia, South Carolina 29201Phone: 803-252-4781Fax: 803-779-3870Website:

    South Carolina Medical Association

    132 West Park BoulevardColumbia, South Carolina 29210Phone: 803-798-6207Fax: 803-772-6783Website:

  • South Dakota
    South Dakota Nurses Association

    P.O. Box 1015Pierre, South Dakota 57501-1015Phone: 605-945-4265Fax: 605-945-4266Website:

  • Tennessee
    Tennessee Medical Association

    PO Box 120909
    2301 21st Avenue South
    Nashville, Tennessee 37212Phone: 615-385-2100Fax: 615-383-5918Website:

    Tennessee Nurses Association

    545 Mainstream Drive
    Suite 405
    Nashville, Tennessee 37228-1296Phone: 615-254-0350Fax: 615-254-0303Website:

  • Texas
    Texas Medical Association

    401 West 15th StreetAustin, Texas 78701Phone: 512-370-1300Website:

    Texas Nurses Association

    4807 Spicewood Springs Rd., Bldg 3, Suite 100Austin, Texas 78759Website:

  • Utah
    Utah Medical Association

    540 East 500 SouthSalt Lake City, Utah 84102Phone: 800-355-7477Website:

    Utah Nurses Association

    4505 South Wasatch Blvd, #290Salt Lake City, Utah 84124Phone: 801-272-4510Fax: 800-236-1617Website:

  • Vermont
    Vermont Medical Society

    134 Main Street
    P.O. Box 1457
    Montpelier, Vermont 5601Phone: 802-223-7898Fax: 802-223-1201Website:

    Vermont State Nurses Association

    100 Dorset Street, #13South Burlington, Vermont 05403Phone: 802-651-8886Fax: 802-651-8998Website:

  • Virginia
    The Medical Society of Virginia

    4205 Dover RoadRichmond, Virginia 23221Phone: 804-353-2721Fax: 804-355-6189Website:

    Virginia Nurses Association

    7113 Three Chopt RoadRichmond, Virginia 23226Phone: 804-282-1808Website:

  • Washington
    Washington Medical Association

    2033 6th Ave., Suite 1100Seattle, Washington 98121Phone: 206-441-9762Website:

    Washington State Nurses Association

    575 Andover Park West, #101Seattle, Washington 98188Phone: 206-575-7979Fax: 206-575-1908Website:

  • West Virginia
    West Virginia State Medical Association

    4307 MacCorkle Ave, S.E.
    P.O. Box 4106
    Charleston, West Virginia 25364Phone: 304-925-0342Website:

    West Virginia Nurses Associations

    P.O. Box 1946Charleston, West Virginia 25327Phone: 304-342-1169Fax: 304-346-1861Website:

  • Wisconsin
    Wisconsin Medical Society

    330 E. Lakeside Street
    P.O. Box 1109
    Madison, Wisconsin 53701-1109Fax: 608-442-3802Website:

    Wisconsin Nurses Association

    6117 Monona DriveMadison, Wisconsin 53716Phone: 608-221-0383Fax: 608-221-2788Website:

  • Wyoming
    Wyoming Medical Society

    1920 Evans Avenue
    P.O. Box 4009
    Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003Phone: 307-635-2424Fax: 307-632-1973 Website:

    Wyoming Nurses Association

    Majestic Building, Room 305
    1603 Capitol Avenue
    Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001Phone: 307-635-3955Fax: 307-635-2173

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