Respiratory Therapist Jobs

As a respiratory professional, you play an essential role in the safety and care of patients with breathing or heart problems. If you are looking for your next respiratory therapist job, let Sunbelt play an essential role in finding your next dream job.

We have the ability to match registered respiratory therapists, certified respiratory therapists and sleep technicians with top positions across the country. Search available jobs below and contact us today!

What Is A Respiratory Therapist?

Respiratory therapists specialize in providing care for patients who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases. They also assist patients who need therapy for sleeping disorders, patients who are recovering from heart attacks and premature infants who need help breathing.

There is a need for respiratory therapists in a variety of settings such as hospitals, emergency rooms, ICUs, sleep centers and nursing homes. These professionals often work alongside doctors and physicians due to their valuable skillset.

Respiratory therapists' training includes performing diagnostic tests, utilizing equipment, monitoring and tracking patient progress, educating patients on how to take medication and treating patients as needed.

Respiratory Therapist Job Duties 

Some of the responsibilities of a respiratory therapist include:

  • Evaluating, treating, and caring for patients
  • Performing diagnostic test
  • Obtaining and analyzing test results
  • Monitoring and recording patient progress
  • Educating patients on how to use equipment and take medications

To be able to perform these duties, you are only required to have an associate degree and required state licensing and certifications. However, obtaining higher education could help you in the job market and increase your salary.

Respiratory Therapist Salary & Job Outlook

The job outlook for respiratory therapists is a positive one. Employment predictions for respiratory therapists are positive, with job demand expected to increase by 21% from 2018 to 2028, which is substantially faster than the average occupation. With continued advancements in the industry, there will be an increased demand for respiratory therapists. Additionally, the salary will vary depending on your skills, education, certifications and facility location.

Whether you’re looking for a job in a sleepy little town or a humming big city, Sunbelt can get you there. Our respiratory jobs are available in hospitals, sleep clinics and pulmonary function departments. 

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