Cath Lab Nurse Jobs

As a cath lab nurse, you play an essential role in supporting patients who have to undergo cardiac catheterization. At Sunbelt, we play an essential role in finding you a career that is aligned with your personal and professional ambitions. Our team offers our unmatched knowledge, consistent support, and authenticity to help you see your work in a whole new light.

What Is A Cath Lab Nurse?

Cardiac catheterization laboratory nurses, more commonly referred to as cath lab nurses, have an important responsibility in caring for patients who are undergoing cardiac catheterization. Cath lab travel nurse jobs involve providing nursing care before, during, and after each procedure. Cath lab RN jobs are different from cath lab tech jobs, as cath lab techs are trained in the imaging aspect of cath lab care while RN jobs focus on the care of the patient.

Cath Lab Nurse Duties

Some of the responsibilities of a cath lab nurse include:

  • Assessing the patient before the start of each procedure and ensuring they are ready to undergo cardiac catheterization
  • Ensuring the correct paperwork is in place
  • Providing pre-procedure and post-procedure teaching to the patient
  • Monitoring and assisting in patient procedures
  • Giving medications
  • Provide handoff reports if the patient needs future monitoring or treatment

To perform these duties, cardiac cath lab nurses are required to be licensed as RNs in the state where they are practicing or with a multi-state compact license recognized in the state they will be practicing in. Traveling cath lab nurses are often expected to have previous experience as cath lab nurses, as there is little training provided during travel assignments.

Certification for cath lab nurses is highly desirable for these positions but is not always required. Nurses with certification are generally given a higher priority for positions over nurses with similar experience but no certification.

Cath Lab Nurse Job Outlook & Salary

When you specialize as a cath lab travel nurse, your job outlook is promising and you are likely to have an above-average wage. Additionally, over the past several years, the need for nurses has increased dramatically, making the job outlook for cath lab nurses favorable. Based on your work experience, education, skills, certifications, and the location of the facility, your salary can vary.

At Sunbelt, we recognize that everyone has different needs. Let us use our unmatched knowledge, unwavering commitment, and unrivaled grit to advocate and empower you to discover a job that fits you. Browse our open cath lab nurse jobs and apply to get connected with a member of our team!

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