General Education Teacher Jobs

As a general education teacher, you have the opportunity to change the lives of students of all ages for the better. You are dedicating your time to shaping the future by impacting the students of today. Sunbelt offers the unwavering commitment and unrivaled passion necessary to find a position that matches your personal and professional ambitions. You have the empowering passion to make a difference, and we want to help you by finding your next general education position!

What is General Education?

Across the country, in small towns and big cities, K-12 schools turn to our team to fill their general education teacher positions. As a general education teacher, you are a critical part of the education system. You work with students on a daily basis, teaching them the foundational lessons to build on for future education. A general education teacher is constantly impacting the lives of their students, not only by instructing and teaching them, but also through the consistent support you offer. You can be a more specified gen ed teacher, such as a reading specialist or life skills teacher, where you have additional responsibilities. The role of general education teachers goes far beyond the classroom, as their influence has the power to shape students’ social skills, goal-setting abilities and self-development.

General Education Duties

General education teacher responsibilities include:

  • Providing students with the core curriculum
  • Creating and preparing lesson plans
  • Helping their students achieve testing standards based on each student’s needs
  • Administrative tasks
  • Participating in any Individual Education Program as needed
  • Documenting students’ progress
  • Attending any necessary meetings

The requirements of teaching in a general education position differs based on the age and grade of students you intend to teach. The higher the education you are looking to teach, the more schooling that is required. Typically, a bachelor’s degree or higher is necessary for K-12, compared to preschool teacher positions that only require a high school diploma and certification. All teaching positions require a license to teach in each state you perform your services.

General Education Salary & Job Outlook

There is an ever-growing need for teachers in school facilities across the nation. With the constant need increasing, this creates a positive outlook on job opportunities wherever you may be! The salary of gen ed teachers can depend on the level of education, the state you live in, and if you work within any specialties. Regardless, you can expect to make a promising income from teaching general education.

General Education Jobs Available Now

A general education role holds great depth in the school system. Your job requires you to provide the youth of today with the knowledge they will lead with tomorrow. At Sunbelt, we understand that you need to focus on empowering young minds, so we take the lead in your job search for you. Whether you’re looking to relocate, want to earn additional income, or just want to visit a specific area of the country for an extended time, we can make it all happen! Start the next step in your future career today by taking a minute to explore our general education teacher job listings and filling out an application.

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