CT Technologists Jobs

As a CT technologist, you have the vital job of conducting CT scans and helping diagnose patients and saving lives.

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What Are CT Techs?

CT techs use special equipment in order to record images of a patient’s body that show internal injuries and allow for disease diagnosis. In addition to operating computed tomography equipment, CT techs often hold the responsibility of communicating with patients before examinations. They offer a sense of comfort by answering any questions that the patient may have and providing information to avoid any anxiety over the exam. CT techs also transport the patient to and from the respective departments, as well as walk the patient through the examination to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

CT Tech Job Duties 

Some of the responsibilities of a CT technologist include:

  • Taking x-ray images to provide accurate diagnoses 
  • Interpreting and explaining the CT scans
  • Positioning patient's property to ensure you get the best images 
  • Updating patient's medical information 

In order to perform these duties as a CT technologist, you are required to have a certificate or an associate degree in radiologic technology or a similar field. Although it is not necessary to have a bachelor's degree, it is highly recommended as it can help you secure more jobs and receive a higher salary. 

CT Tech Salary & Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CT techs are projected to be among the jobs that will continue to see increased demand. These essential allied health workers bring unique and crucial skills to the healthcare setting. With higher education and hands-on experience, you can expect to earn more than the average annual salary. 

If you love what you do and are committed to providing excellent care, we have just the CT tech travel job you’re looking for! 

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