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CT scanners produce images of internal organs that are far more detailed than a traditional x-ray image. A lot like these images, CT technologists are detail-oriented and have to be in order to help doctors detect specific symptoms, diseases, and injuries. This role requires an associate degree in radiologic technology, a state license, and certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT).

With these requirements fulfilled, CT techs have the freedom to choose their work setting: hospitals, trauma centers, and outpatient centers, just to name a few. We have the freedom and experience to connect highly qualified CT techs with outstanding positions in more locations than we can count.

What are CT Techs?

CT Techs use special equipment in order to record images of a patient’s body that shows internal injuries and allows for disease diagnosis. In addition to operating computed tomography equipment, CT Techs often hold the responsibility of communicating with patients before examinations. They offer a sense of comfort by answering any questions that the patient may have, providing information to avoid any anxiety over the exam. CT Techs also transport the patient to and from the respective departments, as well as walk the patient through the examination to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

CT Tech Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CT Techs are projected to be among the jobs that will continue to see increased demand. These essential allied health workers bring unique and crucial skills to the healthcare setting.  

If you love what you do and are committed to providing excellent care, we have just the CT tech job you’re looking for!

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