Educational Diagnostician Jobs

As an educational diagnostician, you understand the importance of providing students with the individualized care they need. Because schools are expanding the care they provide, there are more opportunities for life-changing educational diagnosticians like you to make a difference. Partnering with Sunbelt on your career journey provides you with the unmatched compassion, consistency and authenticity that you need to find a position you will love.

What is Educational Diagnostics?

As an Educational Diagnostician, your roles may vary, but your ability to assess and diagnose students’ learning opportunities remains second to none. Whether you’re known as a learning disabilities teacher, learning consultant, or educational diagnostician, your desire to better the lives of the children you work with is the reason you began this journey – and we would be honored to accompany you as you continue.

Educational Diagnostician Duties

As an education diagnostician some of the responsibilities include:

  • Assessing and evaluating students with learning impairments
  • Creating custom learning strategies and plans
  • Assisting with optimal academic achievement
  • Collaborating amongst a team of teachers, education professionals, and the student's parents
  • Identifying a plan that will meet the student's needs.

The requirements to become an educational diagnostician are receiving a master’s degree in education and successfully passing an educational diagnostician certification test. Certifications can differ by state and location, so check with your local laws before applying. All educational diagnosticians must be licensed to practice.

Educational Diagnostician Salary & Job Outlook

The job outlook for educational diagnosticians is certainly a positive one. Their role is critical in forming the path of academic success for students. Increased school enrollments correlate with the continued demand for this role.

Educational Diagnostician Jobs Available Now

At Sunbelt, we tap into our unmatched knowledge and commitment to help thousands of special education professionals find work at schools across the country. We have firsthand insight into your desire to help children rise above their challenges and achieve their goals. Just as you empower the children you work with, Sunbelt will empower you. Because of the relationships we have with schools across the country, we’ll find the perfect venue for you to practice your craft. Somewhere you fit in. Somewhere you can make a difference and see your career in a whole new light.

Take a moment to explore the Educational Diagnostician opportunities waiting for you today and fill out an online application to get started.

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