Psychiatric Nurse Jobs

As a psychiatric nurse, you spread kindness and care to make a difference in your corner of the world. At Sunbelt, we understand the impact you have on patients' lives. Let us help make a significant impact on yours.

When you’re ready to explore your next travel opportunity, let us help find a job that fits your needs.

What Is A Psychiatric Nurse?

Behavioral health and psychiatric nurses care for patients with mental health disorders and conditions.

Psychiatric nurses understand the research supporting the treatment of those with mental health disorders and specialize in how to manage these patients medically and therapeutically communicate with them.

Psychiatric travel nurse jobs provide temporary staffing support to hospitals or correctional facilities with psychiatric patients who have specific needs. Travel psychiatric nurses will provide care in multiple environments and are able to quickly adjust to the workflow of new facilities.

Psychiatric Nurse Job Duties

Some of the responsibilities of a travel nurse include:

  • Perform routine assessments of patients' physical and emotional well-being
  • Provide treatment and medications to patients
  • Conduct therapeutic communication-based interventions
  • Offer, administer and interpret diagnostic test

To work as a psychiatric nurse, the requirements are the same as most other types of nursing. An RN or LPN/LVN license is necessary to practice in this area.

However, psychiatric nurses are typically required to have an RN license. Additionally, RNs specializing in psychiatric nursing will likely have behavioral health or psychiatric-mental health nurse certification but it is not necessary to work as a psychiatric nurse.

Psychiatric Nurse Salary & Job Outlook

The psychiatric nurse job outlook is very bright as nursing jobs, in general, are projected to grow by at least 9% per year to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, the average travel psychiatric nurse will likely receive an above-average salary.

At Sunbelt, we are committed to helping you see your work in a new light and increase your earning potential. Browse our jobs below and reach out today!

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