Orientation and Mobility Specialist Jobs

As an orientation & mobility specialist (O&M specialist) you help people learn to navigate their world and travel freely. At Sunbelt, we strive to do the same for you and your career. Our staff will help you understand your career journey, explore your opportunities as an orientation & mobility specialist, and find a job that matches your personal and professional ambitions. Whether you’re interested in contract assignments and the rewards that match them, substitute assignments and their flexibility, or permanent positions and the stability they provide, Sunbelt can provide you with the opportunities and options to change lives for the better.

What is an Orientation and Mobility Specialist?

Orientation and mobility specialists assist individuals with visual impairments to learn how to navigate safely and independently. This is a role that is essential in school settings, especially as students become familiar with an entirely new environment. Orientation and mobility specialists typically work with their patients on a one-on-one basis to provide adequate care and attend to specific needs. This role provides a sense of independence and confidence for students as they learn how to navigate the world around them, making this role essential for students’ growth.

Orientation and Mobility Specialist Duties

Some of the responsibilities as an orientation and mobility specialist include:

  • Assist visually impaired students in navigating and moving safely
  • Enhance sensory, concept development, motor, and awareness skills
  • Allow students with impairments the ability to become more independent
  • Collaborate with parents, teachers and other school professionals
  • Use necessary equipment and materials to assist students

To become an orientation and mobility specialist you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree. While a master's degree is not mandatory, obtaining one can significantly increase your job opportunities. Additionally, you must receive certification from the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals.

Orientation and Mobility Specialist Job Outlook & Salary

The demand for orientation and mobility specialists has consistently increased over the years and this trend is anticipated to continue. This essential role continues to be a unique and instrumental position for individuals with visual impairments, making it an irreplaceable position.

School Orientation and Mobility Specialist Jobs Available Now

We know being an orientation and mobility specialist is more than a job, it’s a calling. The time you take to invest in helping children with vision impairments changes their lives for the better, and we want to help change yours! If you are looking for a new position as an O&M specialist, a partnership with Sunbelt will provide you with unwavering commitment and advocacy on this next step in your career journey!

Search our orientation and mobility jobs now or fill out an online application.

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