Teacher of the Deaf Jobs

As a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, you play an integral role in a child’s school success. And we are here to do the same for you. Translation? You’ve come to the right place. Like you, at Sunbelt, we are fully invested in the people we work with. This value is demonstrated through our individually tailored personal service based on your personal and professional goals and ambitions.

What is a Teacher of the Deaf

Teachers of the deaf work with students to provide an education based on core curriculum in such a way that meets the needs of their disabilities. They also teach basic skills including literary and communication techniques. This is a role that is very often a part of forming and following a students’ Individualized Education Program (IEP). Based on the students’ IEP, a teacher of the deaf will seek to fulfill the goals and plans that were formed based on the child’s needs.

Teacher of the Deaf Duties

Some of the responsibilities of teachers of deaf include:

  • Assist students with impaired hearing or deafness
  • Teach students effective communication skills
  • Provide students with the ability to excel socially, educationally, and personally
  • Communicate with parents, teachers, and other school professionals
  • Develop personalized individual education programs (IEP) for students

It's required to have at least a bachelors degree in education to be a teacher to students with impaired hearing. Licensure and certifications are differ based on the state, so please check your local state requirements before applying.

Teacher of the Deaf Job Outlook & Salary

This role’s growth is based on the demand within schools. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 20% growth rate in the next decade, teacher of the deaf positions are mostly based on a school’s enrollment rate.

Teacher of the Deaf Jobs Available Now

Whether you’re interested in contract school assignments and the rewards that match them, substitute assignments and their flexibility, or direct hire positions and the stability they provide, Partner with Sunbelt and we can interpret your dreams into a reality by showing your career in a whole new light.

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