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Telemetry nursing and step down nursing require a higher level of skill and expertise than many other forms of nursing. Cardiac telemetry nurses and step down nurses provide care for patients who require constant cardiac monitoring and are more disposed to sudden changes in condition. Telemetry travel nurse jobs are normally more suited to nurses who have worked in telemetry nurse jobs before and who can quickly adjust to telemetry nursing jobs in new environments.

What is a Telemetry Nurse?

A cardiac telemetry nurse, often just referred to as a telemetry nurse, is a nurse who provides care to patients whose heart requires constant monitoring. Telemetry nurse duties and responsibilities are more demanding than many other nursing positions, as these nurses are constantly assessing and monitoring their patients. These patients are typically more compromised than most patients, making sudden changes in their condition more common.

Telemetry nurse job duties still include the same core tasks that most nursing positions would include, such as assessing patients, administering medications, providing treatments, and educating patients. This position, however, requires a high degree of expertise that includes the ability to monitor and interpret cardiac rhythms, provide more complex treatments, and understand patients’ pathologies and treatments at a deeper level.

Telemetry Nurse Certification

While not required, telemetry nurses or step down nurses will normally have experience in another area of nursing prior to starting in this more advanced field. However, the only absolute requirement of becoming a telemetry nurse is having a license to practice as a nurse.

Cardiac telemetry nurse certifications are available for nurses to obtain but are not normally a condition of employment in these areas. Rather, these certifications indicate a high level of expertise in telemetry and can provide increased pay and increased career opportunities as a telemetry nurse. Telemetry nurse certification courses for nurses are available through trusted national organizations, such as the National Telemetry Association, and can help nurses who are attempting to gain certification in this specialty.

Telemetry Nurse Salary & Job Outlook

Telemetry nursing is a rapidly growing career with a 24% job growth projected between 2014 and 2024 – a projection that is likely too conservative in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020. The average telemetry nurse salary is about $80,000, however, average salaries are likely to be higher for travel telemetry nurses.

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