Telemetry Nurse Jobs

At Sunbelt, we understand that as a telemetry nurse, you impact many people's lives daily. Let us provide an impact on your life by finding your perfect job, so you can focus on helping more lives.  

We understand that telemetry nursing and step-down nursing require a higher level of skill and expertise than many other forms of nursing. So, while you focus on sharpening your skills, leverage our expertise and industry connections to help you find the right fit.

What Is A Telemetry Nurse? 

A cardiac telemetry nurse, often just referred to as a telemetry nurse, is a nurse who provides care to patients whose heart requires constant monitoring.

Telemetry nurse duties and responsibilities are more demanding than many other nursing positions, as they constantly assess and monitor their patients. These patients are typically more compromised than most patients and make sudden changes in their condition more common.

Telemetry Nurse Job Duties 

Some of the duties of a telemetry nurse include: 

  • Assessing patients 
  • Administering medications 
  • Providing treatments 
  • Educating patients 
  • Monitoring and interpreting cardiac rhythms 

To perform these duties and become a telemetry nurse, you must complete all the education requirements to become a registered nurse and then gain telemetry experience.

Although not required, a certification from the American Association for Critical Care Nurses in the sub-specialty of your choice indicates a high level of expertise and can provide increased pay and career opportunities as a telemetry nurse.

Telemetry Nurse Salary & Job Outlook

Telemetry nursing is a rapidly growing career with a 24% job growth projected between 2014 and 2024, which is likely too conservative in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020.

The average telemetry nurse's salary is higher than a typical RN's. However, the average salary is likely higher for travel telemetry nurses.

Sunbelt is committed to helping telemetry nurses develop their careers and find the best fit for their needs and ambitions. We pride ourselves on providing personalized career support that focuses on helping you achieve your career goals. Partner with Sunbelt to see your career in a whole new light.

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