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Now that you’ve earned your MRI technician certification from a nationally accredited program, it’s time to set out on your first or your next MRI tech adventure. Count on us to connect you with outstanding opportunities across the country.

When you partner with Sunbelt, we become your career coach every step of the way. It’s no surprise why Sunbelt professionals come back to take on future assignments with us for years to come.

What Are MRI Technologists?

MRI Technologists are essential professionals within healthcare settings. As technology has continued to advance, MRIs have become an alternative solution to traditional X-rays and/or surgical procedures in order to take clear, beneficial photos of the human anatomy. MRIs are used for a variety of reasons, from a simple sprain to a life-threatening internal injury.

MRI Technologist Job Duties 

Some of the responsibilities of an MRI technologist include:

  • Explaining and preparing patients for the MRI process
  • Situating patients, accordingly, based on a physician’s request
  • Positioning the patient based on the best way to take photos that will offer a clear and useful way to examine the injuries
  • Assisting the physician in assessing the results to identify the correct form of treatment

In order to be able to perform these duties as an MRI technologist, you are required to at least have an associate degree in a related medical field. Any other education gained would just give you an edge in the job market and potentially increase your salary. After an associate's degree, you must obtain your state license and national certification to become an MRI technologist. 

MRI Technologist Salary & Job Outlook

MRI technologists are among the healthcare professionals who can anticipate a continued increase in demand for their role. It is a highly-valued specialty essential for diagnosing and treating patients due to the accuracy of the photos that are produced.

As an MRI tech, we recognize your passion for helping others through healthcare. In fact, we mirror it! That’s why we make it a priority to find the MRI technician job that fits your needs. Explore our available opportunities and apply today!

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