Occupational Therapy Resume Format & Example

You are a vibrant and versatile specialist searching for a coveted occupational therapist position. One of the most powerful tools in your arsenal is your resume. This document is your chance to put all of your accomplishments and abilities into one place, and you must put it together flawlessly. As an OT, your skills and experience are in demand,  but you need to lay them out clearly. Find out how you can craft a dynamic resume so that you can land the occupational therapy job of your dreams.

Occupational Therapy Resume Format

No matter how you design your OT resume, it should consist of certain essential sections. Many successful resumes contain these components:

  • Objective: This statement is an opportunity to explain why you deserve this position and how you would benefit the employer. There are many ways to approach the objective statement, but it is often concise and to the point.
  • Skills: In the skills section, you can list all of your abilities that make you a successful OT. You can include specific occupational therapy talents and other skills that make you a good team player and a valuable member of professional communities.
  • Work Experience: In this section, you list the previous positions you held, but also how you were successful. This component is another chance to flaunt your talents, as you can go into some detail about your past successes.
  • Certifications: As a qualified occupational therapist, you have likely earned multiple certifications. The certification portion of your resume is your platform to show them off and wow potential employers. Often, you list the certification type, the accredited institution from where you received the certification and the date you obtained it.
  • Education: In the education section, you can describe the institutions you attended and the degrees you received. Some resume writers choose to include continuing education experience in this section, but that is a personal decision for each candidate.
  • Include Keywords: In today’s modern world, many employers use AI and programs that scan resumes for specific keywords. These keywords sort through documents that contain these terms, so make sure that you include those that pertain to your position. As you interview with various employers, you’ll want to customize keywords for the job you are applying to; in fact, up to three-quarters of resumes are rejected because they are not keyword optimized.

Occupational Therapy Resume Objective

The OT resume objective statement is a crucial piece in your resume. As an occupational therapist, you are trained to deliver services to individuals who face various challenges. The objective statement is your platform to showcase those skills. You can create objectives of varying lengths, but they’re often brief while packing a punch. Some sample objective statements could be:

  • Compassionate and dependable occupational therapist with five years of experience seeking a rewarding OT position at [name organization here].
  • I am an experienced and patient OT eager to join [organization name] to help patients successfully recover from injuries and consistently recapture their skills.
  • I am a hardworking professional specialist, ready to apply my substantial experience and varied talents in an occupational therapy position.

You can customize objective statements to make yourself stand out to employers, so ensure you target the specific position.

Occupational Therapy Skills

As you complete the OT skills section of your resume, you’ll want to hammer down what specific abilities employees likely desire from candidates. Some of the skills occupational therapists can list include:

  • Interpersonal Skills and Communication: not only will you need to communicate clearly and effectively with patients, but you also interact with a wide variety of individuals in your daily duties.
  • Determination: you set an example to your patients, and you have the grit and resolve to complete tasks successfully.
  • Teamwork: it takes a community of professionals and support networks to achieve the best outcome for patients. Show that you can be a valuable addition to the team.
  • Problem Solving: every patient is unique, and OTs often need to develop individualized comprehensive therapy programs. You can list this skill high on your list, as many employers look for this trait in candidates.
  • Patience: you will need to remain patient with people you work with, and go through repetition and practice to see progress.

Occupational Therapy Education

The path to becoming an occupational therapist is intense and demanding. Depending on your career goals and specializations, there are different educational paths you can take. However, there are specific steps you will need to go through to achieve your goals:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree: this is the first step to becoming an occupational therapist.
  • Master’s Degree: Many employers require a master’s degree in occupational therapy to apply for the position.
  • Doctorate Degree: Though a doctorate is not a required certification, many employers may value a candidate who has one higher than those that don’t. A doctorate can also open doors further along in your career as an OT.

Occupational Therapy Certification

Occupational therapists go through a rigorous process to become qualified to provide services in their state. In the OT certification portion of the resume, you can list your various certifications and expand on each to show how they have helped you along your professional path.

  • NBCOT: After you pass the NBCOT, you can add it to the required certifications you list in this section.
  • Licensure: After you have met basic requirements, the state issues you a license.
  • Specialty Certifications: There are many specializations you can pursue in occupational therapy, which can unlock new pathways and unique positions.

Occupational Therapy Resume Example

We have put together a sample OT resume for you to review below. You can also find additional resource tailored to therapy professionals in our Therapy Resources page.

Looking for a new OT opportunity? Search through our available job openings here.

Jane Doe

1234 Main Street, Anytown, IN 12345 • Phone: 555-555-5555 • *Email: [email protected]



To find a position that provides new challenges allowing me to continue to grow as a therapist.


Summary of Qualifications

  • By nature, a self-motivated, creative thinker deeply committed to delivering quality care and achieving superior outcomes
  • Excellent interpersonal/communication skills and proficiency in patient assessment and therapy-program design/execution
  • Excellent ability to customize/adapt conventional OT tech to meet the special needs of each individual to provide comprehensive parent education and training

Licensed in the state of Oregon:

State Occupational License 12345 – NBCOT since 1988 – CPR Certification

Specialized Skills:

I have been developing skills working with children in private clinics, schools and in day and residential treatment centers. I have provided OT services in both direct and consultative capacities in person and via tele therapy. I have acquired skills including administering and scoring many standardized tests including BOT-2, PDMS, Beery VMI, Degangi-Burke, Battelle, DTVP Sensory Processing Measure home and preschool forms and Sensory Profile (Caregiver, short form and self). Assessment and treatment as it relates to: delivery of individualized treatment strategies for sensory processing and self regulation; visual–processing dx and treatment; self-care/adapted skills; fine and gross motor skill development; eating/feeding and swallowing. I am comfortable with providing parent education and training. I have received training and/or have experience with Therapeutic Listening, astronaut training, brain gym, Alert Program/How Does Your Engine Run and Hippo Therapy. I also possess many years’ experience working with children with physical disabilities and am comfortable assessing fabricating/modifying custom splints, wheelchairs/positioners and adapted equipment/devices.


SCHOOL DISTRICT – Sunbelt Staffing 1/20-6/20

  • Provided OT direct and consultation services in preschool settings
    and consultation via telehealth to children, teachers and parents.

Home Health – COMPANY NAME 6/20-12/20

  • Provided OT services to individuals in their home as needed.

Children’s Intensive Therapy 7/17-12/19

  • Hourly and intensive services to individuals 1-30 year olds.

SCHOOL DISTRICT – Early Childhood Special Education 3/17-6/17

  • Work with 3-5 yo in preschool, daycare settings.


  • On Call

COMPANY NAME 2/13-6/14

  • private children’s clinic, including hippo therapy

SCHOOL DISTRICT/D.A.R.T. Program – Via agency 2/13-6/13

  • direct and consultative services to children in day and residential treatment programs.

COMPANY NAME 2/13-6/13

  • Part time, services to children 0-21 in out-patient setting .

COMPANY NAME 9/08-10/09

  • OT on call: out pt/hand therapy clinics (COMPANY Out Pt @ Tualatinx9mo); Hospitals and SNF’s

COMPANY NAME – City tri-county 8/03-8/07

  • SNF ‘s and ICF Facilities; served as Rehab initiated 2 new contracts

COMPANY NAME – City, State 8/03-3/06

  • Part time skilled nursing

COMPANY NAME Rehab specialist/peak staffing; full time OHSU x 1yr hand therapy in both acute and outpatient settings 8/01-7/03

  • Part time skilled nursing

COMPANY NAME City and Independence 2/00-11/00

  • two SNF’s and out- pt clinic

HOSPITAL NAME City, State 2/00-5/01

  • out-patient and acute in-patient (hand therapy)

HOSPITAL NAME City, State 7/98-9/99

  • Staff Occupational Therapist on Gero-psych unit

COMPANY NAME City, State 1/98-3/98

  • Customized wheelchair technician

CLINIC NAME City, State 9/97-12/97

  • Part time for; 0-21yo

COMPANY NAME 7/97-12/97

  • Fabricated, modified and/or repaired custom seating systems and rehabilitation equipment

COMPANY NAME – City, State12/96-6/97

  • Full time SNF

COMPANY NAME Home Health Care – City, State 7/96-7/97

  • Per diem in home care

COMPANY NAME – City, State 3/96-12/96

  • snf’s, home health and in/out-patient facilities

COMPANY NAME – City, State 2/95-2/96

  • individual & groups; zero – 15yrs.

COMPANY NAME – City, State 9/90-12/90

  • Per diem Acute Care and home health

COMPANY NAME – City, State 7/87-8/94

  • Full time Occupational therapist, training and technical support to direct care staff and individuals with developmental disabilities

Personal Contracts:

COMPANY NAME – State Operated Community Program 5/07-6/10

  • Provided specialized O.T. services all State Operated Community Programs (SOCP)

COMPANY NAME, LLC – City, State 3/95-10/99

  • Provided Occupational Therapy services to 5 out-patient clinics, contracted services to SNF and acute in-patient services

COMPANY NAME – City, State 10/99-2000

  • Occupational therapy, training and technical support for staff and individuals with developmental disabilities, residing in 24-hour residential care facilities

COMPANY NAME – City, State 10/94-10/97

  • Occupational therapy, training and technical support to individuals with developmental disabilities residing in group homes and specialized foster care facilities

COMPANY NAME – City, State 1995

  • Occupational therapy, training and technical support for children with autism


  • Occupational therapy, training and technical support for staff and individuals with developmental disabilities living in the following community-based facilities.

STATE’s Office of Developmental Disabilities Services State-Operated Community Program– City, State 7/92-3/94

  • Occupational therapy, training and technical support to staff and individuals with developmental disabilities


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