School Social Worker Resume Format & Example

As you seek the ideal school social worker position, you’ll soon see the power of an effective resume. You have dedicated your time and energy to becoming an exceptional school social worker, and your resume is a crucial tool to display your talents and motivations. A well-crafted resume follows a specific formula, which we will dive into below. Let’s take a look at the key requirements of a successful resume and a model example to help you propel your job hunt.

Resume Format for Social Work Jobs

As a capable and focused professional, you have the background, skills, and training that counts. You are trained and ready to execute a school social worker’s various tasks, but you need to arrange that evidence in a specific structure. The primary components that make an outstanding resume include:

  • Objective: Your objective statement is a vital piece of your resume. You relay your motives, abilities, and value to the potential school in a few sentences, so you must write it well.
  • Skills: In the skills section, you detail the different abilities that make you a strong candidate for the position. As a school social worker, you are organized, strive to help students, and possess many transferable skills that work in any educational setting.
  • Work Experience: Your work experience is a chance to highlight your background, especially as it pertains to the position to which you’re applying. You can get creative in this section, connecting seemingly unrelated experience to the skill set you need in the prospective job. You can incorporate your past volunteer work and any notable organizations you have worked with here.
  • Certifications: As a school social worker, you have received essential certifications and credentials. In the resume’s Certifications section, you list and describe the particular certificates you acquired and when you received them. Ensure that you include all relevant items to bolster your image as a successful and qualified school social worker.
  • Education: To achieve your role as a licensed school social worker, you went through quite a bit of schooling. This section is your chance to boast about your educational background and can be a chief difference-maker. Usually, you list your schools, years of attendance, and the degrees you received, starting with the most recent one first.

Jane Doe

1234 Main Street, Anytown, IN 12345 • Phone: 555-555-5555 • *Email: [email protected]



In my six years as a school social worker, I have gained an essential and actionable understanding of increasing mental health in the school setting. Using proven strategies, I consistently impact students of all grade levels positively.



As a school social worker, I know the value of specific skills. I have proven to be organized and structured in my approach to assisting students and other professionals. I am patient and tolerant with all students, willing and ready to apply my expertise to help. I possess outstanding communication skills and can adapt them to meet the needs of all stakeholders. I am empathetic to the struggles that students and families experience. Being culturally aware and able to tailor strategies to diverse students is critical, and I am well-versed in this approach. I am respectful and considerate to all members of the school community. With my exceptional listening abilities, I can support the mental and emotional health of various students. My critical thinking helps develop innovative approaches while I maintain social working best practices.




  • Provided school social work services in preschool settings and support via telehealth to children, teachers and parents.
  • Worked with parents, teachers, and staff to help students meet IEP goals

XYZ Company6/16-12/19

  • Provided training and mentorship to new social workers
  • Identified strengths and areas of improvement while ensuring that new social workers achieve success


  • Provided school social work services in a middle school setting
  • Used specialized skills tailored to middle school students, specifically developmental and emotional maturity concepts
  • Prepared students for the transition to high school and the various associated challenges


  • Interned in school social work, shadowing licensed social workers in schools
  • Learned how to implement strategies and customized approaches for all students successfully
  • Dedicated hours of hands-on training and learning to develop professionally


  • Special Education teacher in an elementary school setting
  • Taught Special Education to K-5 students, incorporating sound and evidence-backed strategies to help students reach IEP goals and objectives



Certified School Social Work Specialist Credential (C-SSWS): NASW
LSW or LCSW License: State Licensing Agency
School Social Worker Credential: State Department of Education



Anytown University, IN • Master’s in Social Work (MSW)

In this program, I developed an extensive skill set to work with children of all ages and backgrounds. I completed rigorous courses and hands-on training to prepare for the social work environment, with an emphasis on school social work.

Anyplace University, OH • Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW)

During the BSW process, I gained a broad understanding of social work and the strategies needed to succeed.

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