How to Become a Traveling School Psychologist

If you are thinking about becoming a traveling school psychologist, you will be in high demand. The field is growing, with an estimated 6% rise in employment over the next ten years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Psychology jobs that travel to support schools and other institutions are a great way to enter the field after getting your degree. They are also an excellent option if you are looking for some freedom later in your career. Here, we will explore why you may be interested in pursuing travel school psychologist jobs.

What does a travel school psychologist do?

Traveling school psychologist demand is high because what they do is seen as critical to helping students both inside and outside of the classroom. The role of a typical traveling school psychologist is varied and exciting.

Responsibilities of travel school psychologist

The responsibilities of a travel school psychologist are tremendously varied. However, the majority of traveling school psychologist roles will require you to:

  • Conduct psychological interviews and tests. One of your primary responsibilities will be to interview students who are dealing with challenging or complex situations. You will compile a history for each case that includes educational background, social issues, and medical history. You may conduct various tests and complete evaluations of their psychological functioning. Some psychologists may also observe students in normal school settings. You will compile reports to share with parents, educators, and school administrators.
  • Treat mental and emotional disorders. You may be called on to support students that are dealing with a variety of issues. Many will have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). You will probably work with a multidisciplinary team in supporting each student and addressing their conditions.
  • Provide counseling services. Many students respond well in group therapy sessions and in one-on-one sessions. You may be called on to help students with academic problems, social issues, and emotional disturbances.
  • Develop therapy plans with teaching staff and provide training. You will bring your expertise to developing plans that help teachers use the right approaches, handle disciplinary situations, and track student progress. You may also lead training and workshops with educators, administrators, and parents and will help them understand the importance of mental health in schools and the role they can play in fostering it.
  • Meet with parents. You will provide parents with regular updates on progress their child is making. You may discuss school issues as well as issues that may be happening at home that affect school work. You can advise them on approaches that can help their child better cope.
  • Provide grief counseling or emergency services. When something particularly disruptive happens in the school community, you may be needed to provide counseling to students and staff.

Requirements needed to be a traveling school psychologist

If you are looking into travel school psychologist jobs, you are opening the door to a career that is incredibly rewarding. You can make a lifelong impact on the life of a child and contribute to more effective school environments. That said, be ready for a career that is demanding and involves change every day.

As a traveling school psychologist, you will need to meet certain qualifications to be considered for a posting. Most require a master’s or higher in school psychology, as well as supervised practicum. If you are early in your career, having internships can help you stand out. It helps to prepare by studying typical school psychologist interview questions.

Besides your education, you will also find that certain skills and abilities will be helpful for traveling school psychologists. Management and administrative skills will help you keep your various roles and locations straight. Excellent written and spoken communications skills will facilitate treatment, report writing, and educating others. Lastly, critical thinking and problem-solving are skills you will need to employ frequently.

Benefits of being a travel school psychologist

Benefits of being a travel school psychologist.

There are many benefits to being a travel school psychologist. For example, as a traveling school psychologist, you will get to:

  • Help kids across cities. You are not tied to any one location and will be involved with helping kids in diverse schools.
  • Travel with great benefits. While some roles will have you rotating through districts, other opportunities involve travel to more distant locations–and your travel-related expenses and housing are typically covered.
  • Grow your skills as a psychologist through unique experiences. Because you will have so much variety in your role, you will gather an exceptional set of experiences.
  • Maintain stability in your career. You should not have trouble finding psychology jobs that involve traveling, so you will enjoy professional stability.
  • Work in a variety of settings. While most school psychologist jobs are in schools, you might also work in emergency clinics, community centers, and local outreach facilities.
  • Enjoy a favorable work schedule. Most traveling school psychologists work during the school year, during school hours, and with summers off. Plus, you will also get winter and spring breaks. Time off is important when it comes to how to maintain professionalism as a school psychologist.

Travel school psychologist salary

The salary of a travel school psychologist will vary based on their credentials and assignments. The range falls between $53,000 and $128,800 a year, with a median of $87,550 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Find a travel school psychologist job now

While the traveling psychologist role is rewarding, and your skills are in high demand, finding your choice of assignments can take a lot of leg work if you do it on your own. Most traveling school psychologists work through trusted staffing agencies like Sunbelt.

Employers turn to us to find them great candidates like you on a regular basis, with less effort on their end. Working with a staffing agency will open you up to a much wider variety of options.

Are you a travel psychologist looking for a role in education? Begin your search for available school psychology jobs.

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