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Working Well with Your Supervisor as a Healthcare Traveler

A strong working relationship with your supervisor helps make your healthcare travel assignment go smoothly. Just because you’re a temporary employee does not mean your relationship with your supervisor does not matter.

A good working relationship with your supervisor on assignment may increase your chances of getting your contract extended. At the very least, if you have a strong rapport with your supervisor, you may get a good reference for your next assignment.

But like any relationship, it may take a little work to make it successful. There are several things you can do to foster a good working relationship with your supervisor. Consider the following suggestions.

Realize that every supervisor is not the same.

Sometimes you click with a supervisor and sometimes you may rub each other the wrong way. Your last supervisor may have been easy going and great to work with. Your next boss may not be the warm and fuzzy type. Realizing supervisors have different styles and personalities may help you not take things personally if you don’t seem to mesh.

Don’t be afraid to approach your supervisor.

Some healthcare workers try to avoid their supervisor like the plague. But your supervisor can be a great source of information and direction. You don’t have to meet with your supervisor only if there is a problem. If you have questions or just want feedback, asking for a meeting can be useful.

Consider your supervisor’s perspective.

The boss is not the bad guy. Sometimes a supervisor must make tough decisions based on the patient’s best interests. In other cases, there may be budgetary issues that contribute to a decision. You may not have all the information to see the big picture. Remember that your supervisor is human too and may make mistakes, but he or she is probably trying to do the best they can.

Choose your battles wisely.

Sometimes you may have an issue you need to take to your supervisor. In other instances, you need to let certain things go. Try to learn the difference. If you’re concerned about patient to staff ratios, that is a big deal and worth a meeting. If you are unhappy with your scrub colors or no TV in the break room, you may have to let it go.

Don’t bad mouth your boss behind their back.

Everyone likes to vent occasionally. Sometimes you may not even mean what you say. But avoid trash talking your supervisor even if most of your co-workers would agree with you. Talking behind your supervisor’s back is disrespectful. Plus, your words may get back to your boss.

Remember, you don’t have to be best friends.

It would be great to be besties with your boss, or would it? Being best friends with a supervisor may create problems. While you want to have a good working relationship, you don’t have to be friends. But you do need to respect your supervisor’s position. After all, it takes two to build a relationship.

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