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Keep Your Cool This Summer; Safety Tips for Healthcare Travelers

summer travel assignmentsSummer is a great time to take a healthcare travel assignment. The weather is warm. The days are long, and cities across the country have fairs, festivals, and summer activities in full swing. As a healthcare traveler, make the most of a summer assignment by keeping the following tips in mind:

Consider Bringing Your Family

If you work as a healthcare traveler and have kids, it might mean you’re away from home a lot. Summer is a good time to take your children with you on assignment. Assignments, which are less than 13 weeks may work best for summer healthcare travelers. Depending on the age of your kids and whether you’re a single parent, you might have to plan childcare while you are at work. Look into day camps, art programs, and sports leagues at community centers and churches.

Think About Your Destination

Not every location makes a great summer destination for a healthcare traveler. Think temperature and humidity. Palm Springs, California or Phoenix, Arizona can be great locations for travelers, but summer temps soar well into the triple digits.

Beach towns are a great choice, but travel assignments may go fast. Consider something a little different, such as Michigan or New Jersey. Michigan may not immediately come to mind for a summer destination, but it borders four of the Great Lakes. Summer weather is the perfect time to enjoy activities on the lakes. New Jersey also has popular beach destinations and cute little coastal towns off the beaten path.

Take Time to Relax

Although you still have to work while you’re on a healthcare travel assignment, don’t forget to relax just a bit. Don’t let summer be all about work. Make time for yourself. Take day trips when you’re off from work. Get outside and see the sights in your new city. Have a barbecue or pool party and invite new friends. Look for free activities in your new city. Many communities have movies or concerts in the park.

Keep Safety in Mind

Summer may mean spending more time outdoors. Depending on the climate at your location, you may not be used to the high temps or humidity. Listen to your body and watch for signs of overheating. Be sure not to overdo it when you’re exercising outdoors. Drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen when you’re outdoors even if it’s cloudy out.

If you’re spending time at the beach lake, or river, keep water safety in mind. Don’t drink alcohol if you’re driving a boat and always wear a life vest when boating. Swim in designated areas with a lifeguard on duty at lakes and beaches. Know your limits and don’t swim out too far.

Summer doesn’t last forever. Before you know it, shorter days and colder temps will be here. Enjoy that summer sunshine on your healthcare travel assignment before the season is over!

What cities would you recommend to take a healthcare travel assignment during the summer?

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