Healthcare Traveler

Working a Healthcare Travel Job in New York City

healthcare-travel-job-new-york-cityIt is called the Big Apple and the city that never sleeps. Whatever nickname you use, New York City can be a great place to work as a healthcare traveler. NYC has a lot of large hospitals as well as smaller facilities, which may often be short staffed, which creates a demand for healthcare travelers. If you land a travel job in New York, you will have plenty to do and see.

Working in the City

New York City is divided into different regions or boroughs, and the cost of living differs in each. For example, Manhattan is very expensive, while the Bronx may be somewhat cheaper. Keep in mind, cheap is definitely not a word used to describe any part of NYC. If you do land a healthcare travel job, make sure you know the details of your housing benefits.

Parking in New York City can be tough and pricey. If you will be living near your work, consider taking public transportation. It may be cheaper and easier than parking a car in the city.

Depending on where you are from, NYC can be a culture shock. If you are not used to large cities, you may find it a bit overwhelming. Take it in a little at a time. Get a navigation app to help you learn your way around.

On Your Days Off

There is plenty to do on your days off from work. Consider the following:

Attractions:There are dozens of museums and famous attractions to see on your days off. Rockefeller Center is a prime tourist spot and an attraction that should not be missed, especially during the holidays. History buffs may enjoy a trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Emigration Center. Other famous attractions include Radio City Music Hall, the Empire State Building, and the Museum of Natural History. You could probably spend months working as a healthcare traveler in New York City and still not see half of the attractions NYC has to offer.

Sports: If you enjoy watching professional sports, you will be in heaven. New York has professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey teams. You could probably catch some type of professional sporting event any time.

Culture: New York City is home to both Broadway and off-Broadway shows. There are always concerts ranging from famous acts to lesser known performers. Some television shows also tape in New York City, and tickets are always free. (Beware of scams that offer you TV show tickets for money.) If you enjoy art, you will never get bored with all the art galleries and museums NYC has to offer.

Outdoor Activities: Living and working in New York City also means there is plenty to do outdoors. There are plenty of places to go mountain biking, take nature walks, trail running and paddling. NYC has many parks, which offer lots of activities for outdoor lovers.

Nightlife: New York City got its nickname the city that never sleeps for a reason. There is always something going on. When it comes to nightlife, you will find just about everything from small piano bars to restaurants to large dance clubs.

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