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Understanding the need for community is central in understanding the psychology of Twitter. Twitter allows users to form a community of likeminded individuals no matter where their physical communities may be. The following Twitter accounts are excellent resources for those in the field of psychology. Be sure to look at who these accounts are following as well as who is following them, to find even more members to add to your Twitter community.


This Twitter account is maintained by The Chicago School, the country’s largest and oldest graduate school devoted entirely to the study of psychology and the behavioral sciences. The account is updated regularly with items of interest and news about the school and they do respond to followers.


This is the Twitter account of the magazine Psychology Today. They update several times a day and provide links to informative articles and blog entries from their members.


The editor of the online magazine PsychCentral maintains this Twitter account. It is updated numerous times each day with links to articles on the site and other relevant information. They do interact with other Twitter accounts.


This account is maintained by the online magazine, Psychotherapy Brown Bag. The magazine and its tweets focus on clinical psychology. The account is updated several times a month, usually with links to the magazine’s articles.


Dr. Ballard is the head of the marketing for the American Psychological Association Practice. He tweets frequently, linking to articles related to the study of psychology. He also retweets relevant information and interacts with followers.


This account is maintained by Psychology Press, a publishing company that produces a number of psychology textbooks, academic journals, and tests. They update several times a day with updates on their products and events as well as to general resources and articles pertaining to psychology.


This Twitter account is maintained by the Child Psychology Research Blog, founded by Dr. Nestor Lopez-Duran. The blog explores nonpartisan research based findings regarding child psychology.


This Twitter account is maintained by the editor of the psychology section at About. It is updated several times each day with links to new information published on the website and other links of interest. The author frequently interacts with others in the Twitter community.


This account is maintained by the American Psychological Association and is frequently updated with links to new articles and to relevant news.

What Twitter accounts do you follow because of their helpful, interesting, or funny information relevant to the field of psychology? Do you prefer academic tweets or do you prefer accounts of other psychologists who you can commiserate with?

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