The Best Destinations for Travel Nurses: California

Location in an important consideration when considering your next travel nursing assignment. It may not be the sole determining factor, but it’s pretty high on the list. Travel nursing opportunities can be found all over the country, but let’s face it, some locations and facilities have more to offer. On the flip side, less desirable locations are often more desperate and offer higher compensation in return. That’s another factor…for another day. Let’s talk about great destinations for travel nurses.

What makes a great destination for travel nurses? That’s a matter of preference, including the facility itself, the surrounding area (you have to live there), local amenities and attractions, weather, opportunities, and any number of other factors. We’ll look at one area every month to explore the best destinations for travel nurses.


As a travel nurse destination, California has a lot of draw. It’s so big and so populated that there are always opportunities for travel nurses, and the climate and range of things do see and do make it a top travel destination for much of the world. A travel nursing assignment in California gives you the time to explore everything the area has to offer.

California has 17 medical facilities that are nationally ranked. Here are the top hospitals and area information.

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Ranked #1 in California and #1 in the Los Angeles metro area, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is a teaching hospital with plenty of appeal. It ranks nationally in 14 adult and 8 pediatric specialties and is listed as high-performing in Orthopedics. Just as telling, 85% of their patients say they would definitely recommend the hospital to friends and family.

The greater Los Angeles area is a great place to visit. There are too many things to list, but here are the highlights:

  • Sun worshipping – 75 miles of world-famous beaches, and a mild climate to enjoy the ocean and beach activities all year round. Take a drive up the spectacular coastline for some of the best views on earth.
  • Celebrity-watching – while not exactly a sport, eyeballing celebrities in their natural habitat is a popular activity, and places like the shops and restaurants on Rodeo Drive are prime stakeouts. You can also visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Graumann’s Chinese Theater.
  • Culture – Los Angeles is a great place to find history, art, music and culture. Visit the Downtown LA Art Walk, more than a dozen museums, including the amazing Los Angeles Natural History Museum, the Los Angeles Ballet, Hollywood studio tours…ok, this could go on all day, you get the idea. You’ll never run out of ways to spend your free time in LA.

The facility is conveniently located in an upscale area just off Wilshire Blvd. Nice place to live and work!

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