Registered Nurse Salary

Registered nurses are licensed medical practitioners who provide hands-on care to patients, working alongside physicians and other healthcare professionals in a variety of settings, from hospitals to medical offices.

The salary of a registered nurse depends on a number of factors, including the setting and state in which they work. In this guide, we’ll explore what registered nurses make compared to other nurses, how much registered nurses make on average, and how much registered nurses make by state.

How Much Does a Registered Nurse Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2023, registered nurses across the United States made an average annual salary of $94,480. The following table shows how much registered nurses make compared to other nurses.

Nurse Type2023 Annual Mean Salary
Registered nurses$94,480
Nursing assistants$39,610
Licensed practical nurses$60,790
Nurse practitioners$128,490
Nurse midwives$131,570
Nurse anesthetists$214,200

Registered Nurse Salary by State

The following table breaks down how much registered nurses made by state in 2023, according to the BLS.

State2023 Annual Mean Salary
Alabama $71,370
Alaska $109,210
Arizona $91,430
Arkansas $72,900
California $137,690
Colorado $91,730
Connecticut $101,840
Delaware $94,670
Florida $84,760
Georgia $90,000
Hawaii $119,710
Idaho $83,090
Illinois $87,650
Indiana $82,700
Iowa $74,610
Kansas $76,240
Kentucky $81,770
Louisiana $80,760
Maine $84,340
Maryland $92,090
Massachusetts $108,850
Michigan $86,210
Minnesota $94,830
Mississippi $75,510
Missouri $77,590
Montana $82,950
Nebraska $79,780
Nevada $97,700
New Hampshire $89,410
New Jersey $101,960
New Mexico $92,140
New York $106,620
North Carolina $82,530
North Dakota $79,190
Ohio $84,430
Oklahoma $82,110
Oregon $113,440
Pennsylvania $87,530
Rhode Island $95,070
South Carolina $81,390
South Dakota $69,030
Tennessee $78,240
Texas $90,210
Utah $83,100
Vermont $88,380
Virginia $88,350
Washington $111,030
West Virginia $75,990
Wisconsin $87,220
Wyoming $83,990

To find registered nurse jobs in your area or for more information on registered nurses, including their duties and job outlook, please visit our registered nurses jobs page.

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