Sunbelt Nurse Earns L.O.V.E. Award

Ken-JeriWhat a great week at Sunbelt! Jeri Smith, a Sunbelt ER nurse, was recently presented with the L.O.V.E. award by Mercy Hospital of Buffalo. The L.O.V.E. award stands for “Living Our Values Everyday” and is presented to hospital associates who deliver outstanding service day after day. Our division director, Ken Kistner, attended the award ceremony to congratulate Jeri. Below is the letter written by a colleague that nominated Jeri for the L.O.V.E. award:

“I was working with Jeri on Friday, June 13, 2014, in the ER. We were taking care of a 42-year-old woman who was complaining of leg swelling. Upon assessing the patient, Jeri found out that the patient was suffering from cancer and now has Lymphedema.

Jeri had asked the patient if she was using a compression machine for her lymphedema. The patient responded that her doctors had ordered for one but her insurance did not cover the full expense and she could not afford it. These machines can cost thousands of dollars.

I heard Jeri explain to the patient that she had one in her car that belonged to her mother. Her mother had unfortunately passed in the beginning of the year and she planned on donating it to someone in need.

Without hesitation Jeri said, “It’s yours. I will get it for you before you are discharged.” Upon discharge, the patient was so elated and could not express enough gratitude through her tears.

This is why Jeri should be recognized for her compassion. It was a lifelong gift that she gave to a complete stranger.

This just proves that nurses help people in need every day and nursing is not only about the paycheck… it’s much more!”

Well done, Jeri! Congratulations from all of us at Sunbelt Staffing!

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