Five Reasons to Consider Travel Healthcare Jobs in a Poor Economy

You can’t watch the news or read the headlines online without hearing about the economy. Housing prices continue to drop. Even people with great credit are unable to get financing for new cars and new homes.  Banks and corporations are failing, and workers are getting laid off every day. The gloom and doom is everywhere. It’s a great time to start a career in healthcare travel.

Did I just lose you? Hear me out.

Travel Healthcare Workers photo by SarahMcD via Creative Commons
  1. Job security. If hospitals are closing due to lack of funding, and people are losing jobs in your hometown, a travel job will put you where the action is. You’ll go where you’re needed. When you’re not needed anymore, you’ll go somewhere else that needs you. I like the sound of job security, don’t you?
  2. Great benefits. While many companies and institutions are slashing benefits to minimize worker layoffs, travel healthcare jobs offer excellent benefits. Benefits can include health insurance, dental and vision coverage, a matching 401(k) program, life insurance, reimbursement for continuing education and licensing fees, travel money, bonuses, and many other things you’re probably not getting from your current job.
  3. Housing assistance. Can’t get a home loan? No problem! With a job in travel healthcare, your staffing agency will help you secure housing for each of your assignments.  No worries!
  4. Free travel. With so many people having financial problems, few people can afford to travel for pleasure.  You’ll be traveling for work, but you won’t be working 24 hours a day. Enjoy each new city as you work your way around the country.
  5. Freedom. With a travel healthcare job, you’ll be able to work in a variety of settings, perhaps in different specialties.  In an unsteady employment market, employees aren’t always able to make a job change when they find they’re unhappy with their current situation. In the travel healthcare field, you’re free to try your hand at new things until you find where you’re most comfortable without having to worry about getting stuck in a job you don’t like.

While state and local governments cut healthcare funding and put jobs in jeopardy, the world of travel healthcare affords you opportunities that many other workers don’t have.

3 responses to “Five Reasons to Consider Travel Healthcare Jobs in a Poor Economy”

  1. Beth Bringer says:

    Is there ever a need for a traveling dermatology nurse?

  2. Veronica Burch says:

    What kind of positions would be available per diem and/or traveling-or clinic assignments…for a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner?

  3. travel healthcare jobs says:

    those are all some pretty great reasons to consider travel nursing, thank you for sharing!

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