Preparing for a Nursing Interview

These days, depending on where you live, finding a job may be a difficult task. I remember being very anxious whenever I’ve had to go on an interview. Instead of getting nervous and worrying over your nursing interview, take some time to prepare for it – and calm yourself – with these tips.

Remember your passion.

This is the most important part of a successful interview. As the information you provided on the application landed you the interview, it’s time to shine. Let them see your passion through an enthusiasm for the job. Showing passion is easy when it’s there – show it with your word choices and your behavior during the interview.

Consider your attitude.

Your attitude will greatly impact the impression you give the interviewer. Make sure that you’re positive, sincere, and let them know that you are willing to put forth the most effort and work hard toward success with the position. A “can do” attitude is best.


Practice your interview.

Take time to sit down with someone and practice your questions and answers. This practice session will give you time to work on your nerves so you’ll be calm during the actual interview. It will give you time to practice your wording and to prepare yourself for any difficult questions you may face. If you have time, run through the mock interview again, after you’ve pinpointed any areas you believe need improvement. Don’t overdo it, because you don’t want to sound rehearsed during the real thing.

Research the company you’re interviewing for.

Interviewers are impressed when their candidates know about the company. This doesn’t mean you should flaunt what you know or that you should recite it at random; but, take time to look at information on the company so you’ll be educated on anything the company is currently dealing with, as well as where the company comes from.

Dress nicely and arrive early.

First impressions are everything, and you need to be appropriately dressed and arrive on time to make yours a good one. If you’re not sure what to wear, here are a few pointers:

  • Dark suits and long sleeved shirts are best. Men should always wear a tie.
  • Keep body piercings and tattoos concealed. Men should not wear their earrings, and women should only wear one set. Keep all other jewelry to a minimum, limited to one ring on each hand.
  • Keep pockets empty, as bulges and sounds of items moving around will be a distraction.
  • Women should use a clear or conservative color of nail polish, and nails should be neatly trimmed.
  • Shoes should be clean and polished.
  • Hair and face should be well-groomed. No beards; if you wear a mustache, keep it neatly trimmed.
  • Carry a briefcase, not a purse.
  • Do not wear hose with a run in them, and keep them close to your skin color.
  • Keep makeup, perfume, or cologne to a minimum.

The most important thing to remember is: relax. A job interview is important, yes, but you should remain calm enough to handle anything the interviewer may throw at you. Good luck!

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