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How to Spend Time Between Travel Nursing Jobs

between travel nursing assignmentsThere are several things to love about working as a travel nurse. Not only do you get to see the country, but you have the opportunity to improve your skills. One of the other great things about a travel assignment is the flexibility offered. You can move from one nursing assignment to the next without much of a break in between. Another option is taking a little time off between jobs. But how should you spend your time? Continue reading for some suggestions.

Enhance Your Skills: If you are going to have a little time off in between travel jobs, it might be the perfect time to complete your continuing education requirements. Another option is to earn a specialty certification or attend a nursing conference. Use this time to brush up on your skills or learn something new.

Travel: If you are not sick of traveling, why not spend your break hitting the road. Traveling without worrying about accepting a nursing assignment might be a nice break. Take a road trip or visit another country. Take a vacation somewhere you have not accepted an assignment yet. Maybe your travels will provide ideas for future assignments.

Head Home: Sometimes nothing beats home sweet home. Taking a break from travel assignments and spending time back home may be just what you need. Connect with friends and family, enjoy hobbies, or just relax. You might also want to tackle home projects you have not had a chance to complete. When you are away on a nursing assignment, you can’t get to chores around the house. Put a dent in your to-do list and use your break between jobs to paint, clean, or redecorate.

Make a Difference: If you are looking for something meaningful to do in between travel assignments, consider volunteering. Nurses are often in demand throughout the world to provide medical care to those in need. Dozens of organizations need nurses. Volunteer jobs often are available for all different lengths of time. You can also stay closer to home and still make a difference. There are probably plenty of organizations in your neighborhood that need volunteers.

Preparing for Time Off Between Assignments

Before deciding what to do between nursing travel jobs, consider some of the factors below:

  • Ask yourself if you are your financially prepared to take time off.
  • Carefully consider how much time off you want. Can you fill the time or do you get bored easily How much time seems just right?
  • Be realistic. If you can only afford a few weeks off, don’t plan a three-month break.
  • If you want another travel assignment, consider shopping around early. Even if you plan to take a few months off, it may be helpful to keep an eye out for your next job. You want to have something lined up for when you are ready.

We all need a little break from work every now and then. How have you spent your time between travel nursing assignments?

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