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June is Great Outdoors Month

June is Great Outdoors Month and the perfect time to explore your community. If you have recently relocated to an area for work, or if you are thinking about relocating, use the first of summer to visit those areas that make the location unique. One of the greatest benefits of accepting a position as a temporary employee is the ability to travel and see more of the county.

National Parks

National parks are an excellent way to experience the beauty of nature on a limited budget. You can go camping, hiking, biking, swimming, canoeing, or fishing in a national park. You can visit learning centers and explore historic landmarks, or you can simply enjoy one of the national treasures that have been protected by the federal government.

State Parks

An even greater number of state parks have been created for residents and visitors to enjoy. These parks offer many of the same features as national parks but are maintained locally. Beaches, swamps, mountains, and plains can all be found in various state park systems.


Maybe you are more interested in being able to eat your way through your outdoor experience. Numerous local farms are scattered throughout the United States that allow you to visit and pick your own fruit, berries, or vegetables. Farmer’s Markets are another great way to get outside and enjoy fresh food. Most are held outdoors and have a variety of fresh, local produce and products to choose from.

Be a Tourist

Each state has a tourism department, as do many counties. Visit the website or office of a nearby tourism office to discover local treasures you may not even be aware of. Waterfalls in Florida, searching for diamonds in Arkansas, or horseback riding in Wisconsin are all activities local and state tourism departments would be able to tell you more about.


A great way to learn more about a community and spend times in the great outdoors is to volunteer. There are several organizations that can help you find a volunteer opportunity such as Volunteer Match and Both allow you to choose your location and to enter keywords you want to search for. Alternatively, you could partner with your new coworkers to start a Hands on Network project such as a neighborhood cleanup, a school or community garden, community tree planting, planting a butterfly garden for an area near your job, or a river cleanup.

How do you like to spend time in the great outdoors? Do you enjoy finding new locations and activities as you travel for work? How has traveling made you more conscious of the opportunities that are available where you grew up or where you previously lived?

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