In Demand Travel Nursing Specialties

As technology continues to evolve, the need for certain careers may change. But nurses will likely always be in demand. According to the United States Census Bureau, by 2030 it’s expected that one in every five people in the United States will be retirement age. An aging population and advances in medicine may mean an increase in the need for health care providers including nurses.

That’s good news for travel nurses. If you hope to hit the road as a travel nurse, you may want to know what specialties are in demand. Although the need for specific types of travel nurses may vary somewhat according to location and seasonal fluctuations, the following specialties are likely to be in demand:

Coronary Care Unit

The cardiac or coronary care intensive care unit is one in-demand specialty for travel nurses. Nurses in the cardiac intensive care work with patients with a variety of heart conditions, such as valve problems, congenital defects, and coronary artery disease.

Travel nurses that are interested in this specialty may need to earn a certification in advanced cardiac life support and become certified as a critical care registered nurse. Opportunities for cardiac intensive care nurses are in medium to large size hospitals and medical centers.

Emergency Department

Emergency room nurses are often in demand in many parts of the country. ED nurses provide care to patients with serious and sometimes life-threatening issues, such as strokes, asthma attacks, and traumatic injuries. If you enjoy a fast-paced work environment where every day is different, ED nursing may be a great choice. The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing offers various certifications for nurses who want to work in the ED. Although certifications are often not mandatory, they increase your marketability.


Dialysis involves the use of a machine to filter the blood when the kidneys cannot. Dialysis nurses prepare the patient for dialysis and operate the machine. They work with people with different types of kidney disease and those after a kidney transplant. Most dialysis nurses have a BSN degree. Travel dialysis nurses may work in hospitals and outpatient dialysis clinics.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Neonatal intensive care nurses work with newborn babies that are critically ill and often born prematurely. Babies may stay in the NICU for months before they can go home. In addition to providing care for the infants, NICU nurses often teach parents how to care for their newborn when they go home. Travel nurses interested in working in this in-demand specialty may be required to have a neonatal resuscitation certification.


Travel nurses are often needed to work in oncology. Oncology nurses work with patients that have cancer. They may administer chemotherapy, provide education, and treat side effects. Nurses in this specialty can earn the oncology certified nurse credential after completing 1000 hours working in the field and passing an exam.

With all the demand travel nursing specialties, there is likely something right for you. What nursing specialty appeals to you and why?

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