Top 6 Free Resources for School Nurses

school nurse resources
Working as a school nurse often means you are the only medical professional onsite. School nurses should be comfortable working independently and trusting their own judgment. Even if you are used to working alone, it’s nice to have resources that provide information and support. Nurses are the heart of healthcare and providing free resources in order for them to continue to thrive in their career is essential. Self-learning is beneficial to career development, as it is motivated based on one’s desire to learn more about a specific area and presents the opportunity for one to learn at their own pace. By pursuing additional resources, nurses are able to discover an abundance of information including how to handle unexpected situations. Several resources may be beneficial for school nurses, including those listed below.

1. The American School Health Association

The American School Health Association has information on a variety of health topics, such as food allergies, concussions, and nutrition. The association also provides school toolkits on preventing adolescent drug use and school safety tips. They also offer a school health conference once a year and several webinars. Joining the association provides additional benefits, such as access to the Journal of School Health and the bi-weekly newsletter.

2. Joslin Diabetes Center

Unfortunately, diabetes continues to be a concern for children and adolescents. The Joslin Diabetes Center provides information on insulin pumps, medication, and meal plans. There are also links to pharmaceutical and medical supply companies that have diabetic supplies.

Our Rating for This Resource: 8/10

3. The National Association of School Nurses

If you work as a school nurse, the National Association of School Nurses is a top-notch resource. The association offers a wealth of information on all different topics, such as asthma, diabetes, and sexually transmitted diseases. Opportunities for continuing education classes, as well as conferences, are also available. The association also publishes the Journal of School Nursing, which provides a variety of articles on medical topics of interest to school nurses, such as opioid addiction, bullying, and childhood obesity.

Membership is open to all school nurses. Membership benefits include access to the forum and discounts on professional liability insurance and conferences.

Our Rating for This Resource: 7/10

4. The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration

A variety of information is available that may be helpful for school nurses. Education and publications, such as substance abuse prevention, underage drinking, and campus health may be of interest to school nurses. The administration also offers a toolkit for high schools on suicide prevention. Webinars are also available, such as training for school staff on suicide prevention.

Our Rating for This Resource: 8/10

5. School Health Assistants

School health assistants can be great support for nurses. If you work at a school that employs school health assistants, be sure to utilize them appropriately. Discuss job limitations and scope of practice to ensure you assign tasks health assistants can complete. Assigning tasks and activities to health assistants allows you to focus on other responsibilities.

6. State School Nursing Associations

Many states have a school nurse state association. State associations often offer conferences, education material on various medical topics, and opportunities for continuing education classes. State school nurse associations are also a great resource to find out what topics are especially important in the community you live and work.

Our Rating for This Resource: 8/10

In any profession, it’s important to remain aware and educated about your industry as changes are implemented. This especially applies for nurses which is why providing free resources is so important. Hopefully, the above resources provide information to help you serve your students and their families better. What resources have you found the most helpful as a school nurse? Please share with us in the comments section below, then check out our latest openings in schools across the country here to take the next step in your career.

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