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Why You Can’t Find Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment

Whether you’re an experienced travel nurse or just starting out, finding the right assignment is important. You don’t want to be so picky it takes months to land a job, but you also want the right fit. If you have not found your next nursing assignment as fast as you like, there may be several reasons why.

You’re Not Sure What You Want

If you find you’re indecisive about which travel assignment to accept, it might be because you’re not sure what you’re looking for. When it comes to nursing jobs, there are plenty of options. Take some time and think about your preferences. Are you hoping to work in a large trauma hospital or are you looking for a small rural hospital? Do you prefer to be in a big city or a small community? Knowing what you want makes your decision to accept an assignment easier.

Lack of Communication

Once you determine what you want in your next travel assignment, it’s essential to communicate your preferences. Your recruiter may not find the right fit if he or she is unsure what you want. Be honest about the location, salary, and type of facility you are looking for.  Your recruiter can’t get you a great assignment if he does not know what is ideal for you.


If you’re too inflexible, it might make it hard to find your next travel assignment. You probably have an idea what your perfect assignment involves. Factors such as salary, location, and setting play a role in whether an assignment is acceptable. You might also prefer a certain start date, shift, and contract length. There is nothing wrong with having certain preferences, but it’s helpful to understand, you may not get everything you want. Waiting until all your preferences have been met, may limit your options. Decide what factors are must haves and what you are negotiable.

You’re Too Laid Back

Being laid back can be a good trait, but being too relaxed may mean missed opportunities. To get a travel assignment, you’ll need to respond to opportunities right away. If you’re slow to answer emails or return calls, opportunities may pass you by. Your best bet is to answer calls and messages as soon as possible.


Certain locations tend to be more competitive than others. If you have your heart set on a certain city that is popular with travelers, it might take you a little while longer to land an assignment. The need for nurses also varies in different parts of the country. Some areas may have a nursing shortage while others are staffed well, which means fewer opportunities for travelers.


A delay in getting the assignment you want may also be due to your qualifications. Take an honest look at your experience and skills and decide if there are things you can do to make yourself more marketable. Update your resume to reflect your skills and qualifications. Consider additional certifications that make you a strong candidate.

If your next travel nursing assignment is not happening as fast as you want, what changes can you make to land your dream job?

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