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10 Things to Do on Your Next Healthcare Travel Assignment

You probably have several things to think about if you’re heading off on a healthcare travel assignment. It’s common for healthcare travelers to confirm their housing and details of their assignment. You may also be tying up loose ends at home, such as securing your house and forwarding your mail.

Once you start your assignment, there is also a lot to do, such as unpacking, learning your way around and getting to work! Although you have a lot to consider, don’t forget one key factor, enjoy yourself. To make your time memorable, consider doing the following things on your next assignment:

  1. Hang out where the locals do: You can often find great restaurants, clubs, and activities in your new city by doing an online search. But sometimes the best places are off the beaten path. Ask people around your facility where are the “go to” spots.
  2. Go for a walk: After a long day at the hospital, a walk or a hike is a great way to unwind. Enjoy the scenery at a local park, lake, or beach. Even a walk near your home is a nice way to relax.
  3. Make a friend: One of the things you will remember most about your travel assignments is the people you meet. While everyone you meet does not have to become your BFF, take the time to get to know people. You never know, you may just make a friend for life.
  4. Go for a day trip: On your day off, take a road trip to a nearby town. Ask a coworker or friend to go along for a day of exploration. If you’re really the adventurous type, make it a solo trip, and hit the road.
  5. Take the scenic route: Get to know your new city better by changing up your route. When possible, take the long way home and do a little exploring past your neighborhood.
  6. Create a memory book: Take pictures, write stories, and record things you want to remember about your travel assignment. Your assignment may only last 13 weeks, but you may want to remember it for a lifetime.
  7. Host a party: It might be scary to host a party in a new city, but it’s a great way to jump right in and make friends.
  8. Attend a community event: Most communities have various events, such as fairs, music festivals, and holiday activities. Attending an event is a fun way to get a better feel for the community.
  9. Volunteer for a day: Consider doing some volunteer work in your new town. Many communities need volunteers for short assignments to help at a special event, clean a neighborhood, or work at a fundraiser. Volunteering for a day is a good way to give back to your new community.
  10. Be present in the moment: Life as a healthcare traveler can get hectic. Between getting used to your new job and city, you probably have a lot to juggle. Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the experience.

Did you do anything special to make your healthcare travel assignment more memorable? Share with us in the comments below!

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