Therapy Frequently Asked Questions


What travel therapist specialties does Sunbelt staff?

We have positions for speech-language pathologists (SLP), speech-language pathology assistants (SLPA), occupational therapists (OT), occupational therapy assistants (COTA), physical therapists (PT), and physical therapy assistants (PTA).

What are Sunbelt’s experience requirements for travel therapists?

Experience requirements are usually specified by the facility.  At Sunbelt, we will work with you to ensure that your experience level and skill set are properly matched with the best facility and assignment for you.

What if I need help? Will a Sunbelt associate be available?

In addition to access during regular business hours, we provide all of our healthcare professionals with their recruiter’s cell phone number, so their recruiter can be reached at any time, day or night for emergency problems or to answer any questions that might arise.

Does the submission of my application place me under any obligations?

No, completing our application does not put you under any obligation. You can speak with a Sunbelt recruiter, discuss options and locations, and even hear about available jobs, all without obligation.  After you have chosen an assignment and interviewed, you have the choice of accepting or declining the assignment.  Your obligation begins when you choose to accept an assignment.

Do I have to pay any fees once I accept a travel therapy assignment?

Absolutely not! When we connect the right person with the right job, we create success for everyone – and that includes financial success. At Sunbelt, you never owe a fee for job placement.

General Travel

How long are Sunbelt’s travel therapy assignments?

While some assignments may be shorter or longer, our therapy assignments typically last between 13 and 26 weeks.  Keep in mind, the longer the travel assignment, the more you can earn!

When will I have my next travel therapy assignment?

We are always looking out for you and never want you to be in-between assignments.  That’s why we typically begin looking for your next opportunity about six to eight weeks before your job ends. 

I’m interested in a therapy job in a particular location, but what if I don’t have a license in that state?

If you want to work in a state where you aren’t licensed, Sunbelt will take you down the correct path one step at a time– we’ll even help you with the reimbursement of licensure fees once you have completed an assignment.

How do I select a travel assignment?

From the very first day our recruiters speak with you, we’ll begin working with you one-on-one. You’ll talk; we’ll listen. Our goal isn’t to find someone to staff a job – it’s about matching your dreams, ambitions, and growth opportunity with an amazing opportunity. Your recruiter will spend time with you to help assess your knowledge and skills and draw out your clinical strengths, as well as your preferred pay and location. This process helps to pinpoint the assignment that will best be able to meet your needs. When an opportunity is matched with your requirements and abilities, your recruiter will call you to go over information about the unit, shift, case load, and salary. Once you have gone over the details, we’ll ask if we may submit you as a candidate for the travel opening. Once that is successful, the unit manager will typically get in touch with Sunbelt to schedule a telephone interview with you. After that interview has taken place, and an offer is made, you can make the decision whether or not to accept the position.

I have selected a travel therapy assignment. What happens now?

Congratulations! You’re setting out on a rewarding experience. Your recruiter will go over all the paperwork required by both Sunbelt and the facility, particularly any documentation of legal status required to work. If you have any questions about your travel therapy position, please contact your recruiter.

If I like my assignment, is it possible for me to stay on as a travel therapist?

It’s great that you want to continue your assignment!  We will talk with your facility and see if they still have a need for your skills and if it would be possible for you to stay.  If they agree, then we’ll arrange the extension of your current assignment.

In my staff position, there are many benefits such as retirement, continuing education, etc. What does Sunbelt offer if I were to accept a travel therapy assignment?

Travel positions have benefits that staff positions don’t, but that doesn’t mean you would miss out on important coverage. At Sunbelt Staffing, we provide you with top health insurance, including medical, dental and vision, and participation in a 401(k). Reimbursement for licensure fees and continuing education is also available.

I’ll be living temporarily in a strange new city. How will I find housing for the right amount of time?

Sunbelt has an outstanding housing department that specializes in these challenges. Within 24 hours of being notified of your assignment, they will call you to start the housing search. We’ll provide you with a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment and you can let us know your preferences, such as first – or second-floor location, washer/dryer, pet-friendly, etc.

How is my pay determined? How am I paid and how often?

Sunbelt constantly strives to offer the most competitive rates in the industry for your profession. The pay within that range can be affected by factors such as experience, specialty, location, shift, flexibility, and the length of the therapy assignment. In addition, your hourly rate as a travel therapist is determined by the non-wage benefits you choose as options, such as health insurance, housing, travel reimbursement, etc. Taken together, we believe we have the best total compensation package available.

You’ll be paid weekly via direct deposit, overnight delivery, or standard mail to the mailing address of your choice.  In addition, you can receive your pay through our Virtual Instant Paycheck (V.I.P.) card, which gives you immediate access to cash through ATMs worldwide. 

How are my taxes handled?

Sunbelt handles standard payroll taxes, as well as any state taxes that apply. Please be aware that you will be required to pay state income, if applicable, to the state in which you work. For example: if you live in Florida, which has no state income tax, but work in North Carolina, which does, you will pay North Carolina state income tax. The states that do not have state income tax are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

What if I want to find my own housing? Is there a housing allowance for travel therapists?

Housing allowances may be provided to those candidates who do not need Sunbelt provided housing.  In addition, these housing stipends may be tax free if you work more than 50 miles from your current permanent address. The amount of the stipend will vary based on location of the assignment.

Is there a cost for bringing my family or pets with me?

Sunbelt typically provides a one-bedroom, one-bath, furnished apartment. If you will require something larger, you should speak with your recruiter to determine if there will be any additional cost.  Pets are also welcome, but you will be responsible for any pet deposits and/or monthly pet fees.  If this presents a problem, be sure to call your recruiter for help.

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