Special Education Teacher Jobs in Norfolk, New York

What is a Special Education Teacher?

While a special education teacher serves as an educator, they also serve as advocates for students with special needs. As a special education teacher, a crucial responsibility is to develop an individual education program (IEP) for students. This ensures that attainable goals are set and progress is tracked while providing the student’s parents and other educators with updated information around these set goals. This is a rewarding profession that requires a balance of several responsibilities including strong organizational skills and the ability to communicate with a team. As a special education teacher, you have the unique opportunity to spread kindness and care to students that need it most.

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Special Education Teacher Duties

Some responsibilities of special education teachers include:

  • Work with students of varying disabilities
  • Create adapted or modified lesson plans for students
  • Collaborate and communicate with classroom teachers on lesson plans
  • Assess student learning styles
  • Develop individual education programs (IEP) for each student assigned
  • Establish open communication with parents or guardians
  • Use effective and clear communication to teach lesson plans

To become a special education teacher, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in special education. Other degrees such as elementary education or math are also often accepted. In addition to your degree, you must also gain licensure and required certifications which vary based on state. Please check with your current state regulatory laws before applying.

Special Education Teacher Job Outlook & Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, special education teacher position is expected to grow 8% from 2020 to 2030. This is on an average growth rate with respect to other occupations, providing a positive job outlook for special education teachers. Typically as a special education teacher, you will make more than the average for similar fields such as general education.

Special Education Jobs Available Now

At Sunbelt, we know how much passion and dedication you put into your job and we want to offer you the same consistency and empowerment you give your students. Schools all over the country rely on Sunbelt to fill their staffing needs for special education and Sunbelt strives to get to know you and your personal and professional ambitions to find the best available special education job opportunity.

Because of our great relationships with school districts nationwide, Sunbelt has career opportunities across the country for special education teachers. Thinking of visiting your friends or family for an extended period or maybe even taking a working vacation? Considering relocating permanently? Would you just like to pick up a little extra money? We can offer you short- or long-term special education jobs in a variety of locations!

To see for yourself, check out our special education job listings or contact one of our recruiters today!

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