School Social Worker (LCSW & LMSW) Jobs

Here at Sunbelt, we know the immeasurable role school social workers play in the lives of students across the nation. There is unmatched compassion within those who choose to spend their life helping those who need it most. Students rely on school social workers when faced with serious emotional, physical and mental challenges at home or in school. Sunbelt empowers you with unwavering commitment and advocacy through your job search so you can continue to make a difference for your students.

What is a School Social Worker?

School social workers play an instrumental role in school settings, strengthening students’ emotional well-being as well as improving their academic performance. Along with the unique set of skills that they bring to the workplace, these health care professionals are trained to work with students in order to contribute to their mental health, behavioral well-being, academic achievement and additional classroom support.

School Social Worker Duties

Some school social worker responsibilities include:

  • Communicates with other school staff when needed
  • Conducts individual or group counseling
  • Provides lessons to students and teachers about mental health and social issues
  • Creates a plan to elevate academic performance
  • Maintains records of student services provided and initiatives
  • Provides pertinent information and materials to students and staff 

There are a few steps you must complete before becoming a school social worker. The first is getting a bachelor's degree in social work, some positions will allow a degree in a related field like psychology. Additionally, it is required in many states to obtain a master’s degree in social work education as well. Before starting a position as a school social worker you must also take and pass an exam administered by the Administration of Social Work Boards (ASWB). In some states, there are additional requirements to those listed above.

School Social Worker Job Outlook & Salary

The need for school social worker job positions is increasing. While the enrollment of students continues to rise, so will the demand for this instrumental job position in order to offer the optimal support possible to students. Salary will vary by education level and geographic location.

School Social Worker Jobs Available Now

You’ve chosen a challenging and rewarding occupation as a school social worker — one that delivers critical support in order to uplift and empower the next generation. To that end, we realize the importance of delivering you the crucial support you need to do your job well and excel. Our long-standing and deeply rooted connections to school districts across the country offer you your choice of location and caseload. Whether you’re looking for contract assignments or direct hire placement, Sunbelt's unwavering passion to help you goes unmatched. And it includes your choice of perks and benefits — Sunbelt offers health, vision and dental insurance, as well as the potential for vacation bonuses, licensure reimbursement, travel reimbursement, referral bonuses and much more.

Check out our list of current school social worker job opportunities now or fill out an online application today.

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