School Nurse (RN, LPN) Jobs

As a school nurse, you are the heart of healthcare in the schooling system and for many children. A school-based LPN or RN plays an essential role in providing unmatched care and health services to students every day. At Sunbelt, we know that by making healthcare in schools available and accessible you are changing lives for the better. We recognize the passion you have and your dedication to your student’s health. Partner with us on your search for your next school nursing position and see your career in a whole new light.

What is a School Nurse?

School nurses, whether LPN or RN, work in the schooling systems throughout the country as onsite healthcare providers. Similar to a nurse working in a hospital, school nurses strive to provide reliable and accurate care to their patients. There is a high priority on keeping children healthy throughout the year by performing health screenings, overseeing immunizations, providing specific assistance to children with health needs and more.

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School Nurse Duties

The responsibilities of a school nurse include:

  • The specialized practice of nursing that protects and promotes student health
  • Facilitating optimal development and advancing academic success
  • Optimizing student health, safety and learning
  • Assisting students to manage their health needs, especially as more students are faced with health or mental problems
  • Performing health screens
  • Overseeing immunizations

As with traditional nursing, your education level dictates the services you can and cannot provide. If your goal is to become an RN, you will need a Bachelor’s in Nursing and a passing grade on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. For an LPN the learning landscape consists of an accredited program that generally includes one year of coursework and practical application at a hospital, vocational/technical school or community college. LPNs often advance into RNs, but both can provide services within the education space. Additional certification may be required depending on the state you wish to practice in.

School Nurse Job Outlook & Salary

School nurse jobs are anticipated to continue to grow at a faster-than-average rate. With growing populations leading to new schools being built and more students being diagnosed with medical conditions, the need for school nurses continues to rise. Salary will vary by state and education level.

School Nurse Jobs Available Now

At Sunbelt, we work hard to establish relationships with school districts across the country, and that hard work provides us with a wide array of available school nurse job opportunities for you. Because of the variety of jobs we maintain, we ensure that the opportunities we present you with are aligned with your personal and professional preferences.

Sunbelt has an abundance of school nurse jobs throughout the United States. By partnering with us, we can offer you all the benefits of a direct hire job coupled with perks that are exclusive to travel nursing. We have major medical, dental, and vision, as well as 401(k) and licensure reimbursement. In addition, there are opportunities for referral bonuses, travel reimbursement, vacation bonuses, and more.

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